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Intensive Taijiquan Tai Chi Chuan

Course poarticipants move like waves in an ocean in their Taijiquan practice

The following discussion is reproduced from the thread Intensive Taijiquan in Malaysia September 2008 started in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum on 14th September 2008.

Sifu Mutsumi Murakami
Instructor, Shaolin Wahnam Japan
8th October 2008

My Deepest Thanks

Dear Sigung,

It is already one month from Special Taijiquan Course. Though the days go as usual, everytime I remember the five days in Penang, I really smile from the heart.

In the course we recieved amazing teachings from Sigung and I was able to train with fantastic masters and fantastic Shaolin Wahnam members form all over the world really smiling and enjoying. It was like a dream. Though I am in Japan, sometimes I still feel be in Penang and smiling and training with amazing masters and fantastic members together.

As Sigung taught us in the course that each person is a wave and the universe is the ocean. When I remember this teaching, sometime I feel like in Penang. The other time I feel really relaxed, safe and happy. I think that I like to be a wave.

My goal for this course was that I do not use muscle all the time whatever happens. Because when I train with some men, my mental and body used to be tense. So my body used to be stiffed after the training session.

During the course, though I was trying to not to use muscle. On the 3rd day, my body got stiffed. I really appreciated the universe and the opponent, because that pain taught me deeply how important to be relaxed well. It wlll be support me in future all the time and get remember me from now on be relaxed, be relaxed more and more,,,.

It was a marvelous experience that we were able to have Sigung's teachings, to train with the masters and SW members who have a lot of wisdom, love and power.

Sigung, also I would like to thank you for letting my heart change. For long time, I had difficulties to feel deep compassion for my own family. However my feeling has been changing after the course which Sifu kindly realized for me. Now I am able to see my own family with much less negative feeling than before.

There has been nothing new in the relationship between my own family and me. Just I went to Malaysia and came back to Japan. It means that Sigung, Sifu and everyone helped me to open my heart more and more. Now I am able to thank my parents and my brother more than before.

I have no word how to express my deepest thanks to Sigung, Sifu and everyone. I really appreciate it.

Thnak you for reading this. I am sorry for my English.

Best regards,

Your tou syun neui

Irene Irina
Shaolin Wahnam Switzerland
9th October 2008

Happy Memories

Hi Family

I am deeply touched to find all those postings and pictures here.

There has been said so much about this terrific experience last month in Malaysia. So there is just one more little thing I would like to add. I am really happy to have been part of this life changing week. And I am grateful to have been able to train with and learn from so many different, unique and talented people.

Meanwhile I keep practising here in this beautiful autumn surroundings while keeping the memories and the experience in my heart.

Loads of Love to everyone



"To reveal the art and conceal the artist is art's aim" -- Oscar Wilde

Intensive Taijiquan Tai Chi Chuan

Using chi flow, and not tensing muscles, is an important aspect of Taijiquan training. If you can do this effectively, you can handle opponents physically stronger and bigger-sized than you.

Sifu Jeffrey Segal
Instructor, Shaolin Wahnam Australia
9th October 2008
Jeffrey Segal

Hello again!

How is everybody's training going?

I have a training method for moving in stances which I'd like to share.

Lately, I've been enjoying combining the first 3 of the five points mentioned earlier (direction, leg mode and point of reference) with training a specific pattern, for example Grasping Sparrow's Tail or Green Dragon Shoots Pearl.

Let's say the chosen pattern is Green Dragon Shoots Pearl. The procedure would be as follows.

Think of a combination such as: North-Right-Front.

That means using the frame of reference you end up Right Bow-Arrow facing North and then perform Green Dragon Shoots Pearl.

Then you think of another combination and another, etc etc. You can work on different aspects, such as perfect form, Yin-Yang harmony, waist movement, starting at the back leg, flowing movements and many more (maybe not all at once. )

Try it out, I think you'll like it.

Enjoy your training!

Jeffrey Segal
Shaolin Wahnam Australia

Sifu Jeffrey Segal
Instructor, Shaolin Wahnam Australia
9th October 2008
Jeffrey Segal

Yin Yang Harmony in Stance Training

Me again.

Just to be sure that I don't give the impression that training Moving In Stances always needs to be pre-planned, I'd like to quote Andres when he said:

After this “steady stance training” I start moving between one stance to the other, with the hands to the sides of the chest, opening the heart, initially aiming to the stance I want to go, and after 5 minutes or so I change to an spontaneous stance movement, letting go myself with the movement. From my own experience this has been of great joy and a every time I feel more and more comfortable moving from one stance to the other as I keep on practicing it and sometimes I have felt that the body starts moving by itself from stance to stance continuously.

Lovely. I'm sure everybody remembers the way we trained Cloud Hands in Penang. What freedom, what joy!

Jeffrey Segal
Shaolin Wahnam Australia

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