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Intensive Taijiquan Tai Chi Chuan

Cour participants practice "LIfting Water" led by Grandmaster Wong

The following discussion is reproduced from the thread Intensive Taijiquan in Malaysia September 2008 started in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum on 14th September 2008.

Shaolin Wahnam Scotland
30th September 2008

Hi Andrea,

Originally Posted by Andrea
And a TJQ related question: What would be the best moment for practicing lifting water and cloud hands?

I don't have a definitive answer but I can share what I do and why. Like you I have a morning session that is regular and an evening session which is on an as an when basis. I always include "Lifting Water" or "Cloud Hands" in the am session before practicing forms (which is for me after stances and leg stretching).

Why? Historically, as I understand it, these were included by the past masters to generate chi flow before practicing sets and although the chi is already flowing the forms feel even better for improving the flow first.

Also following that wonderful "Lifting Water" session with Sifu (I think Joe and Paul already commented it was great) it is my new favourite Chi Kung pattern!

Hope this helps,


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Sifu Jeffrey Segal
Instructor, Shaolin Wahnam Australia
1st October 2008
Jeffrey Segal

Ah, yes, that session of Lifting Water with Sifu was truly wonderful. Those of you who attended the now famous Small Universe course last year will be delighted to know that Sifu guided us into the Big Universe flow using Lifting Water!!!

Jeffrey Segal
Shaolin Wahnam Australia

Intensive Taijiquan Tai Chi Chuan

Although Andres is bigger and physically stronger, Grandmaster Wong can gently places his palm to prevent Andres from pushing forward with his body. The internal force applied by Grandmaster Wong here can be developed from "Lifting Water".

Jonny Say Sifu Jonathan Say
Instructor, Shaolin Wahnam Scotland
1st October 2008

Hello Classmates Another reason to come back to the goat stance at the end is to spend longest on the fundamental stance of tai chi, you can do a longer goat stance to round off stance training. I've heard Sigung recommend this before, alas Ill stick with my Golden Bridge!!

Hi Andrea, Pete gave a great answer to your question:

Originally Posted by Andrea
And a TJQ related question: What would be the best moment for practicing lifting water and cloud hands? Currently I practice them followed by Graphing Sparrows Tail, when I have time for additional training in the afternoon or evening, just before practising sets or combat sequences. Does this make sense or should I add them in the morning so that I practice them daily? And if so where?

For me I think it's important to do whatever force training patterns you choose daily. This way we get the best benefit from the patterns as we develop skills and build up quality and quantity.

I personally like doing such patterns before my stance training, but as Sigung often says there are no hard and fast rules with the order of some of our training.

Happy training

Sifu Jonathan Say
Shaolin Wahnam Scotland

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Shaolin Wahnam Canada
4th October 2008

September 2008, Taichiquan Intensive Course

Thank you Sigung for the September 2008 Taijiquan Intensive Course. Your open heart generosity radiated throughout the room and was felt by everyone.

Sparring was fun and joyful.

For me my time in Malaysia was magical. My knowledge of the basics was reinforced and continued with very high skill applications.

Your mental clarity in applying techniques to combat situations is simply stunning. I am back to a new beginning. I am grateful in having this not-to-be missed opportunity and blessed in having met and sparred with the wonderful participants.

Hope to see you all again.

Thank you Sifu Emiko for encouraging the course. Thank you Wei Foong for your organization. What an amazing dinner.

I also want to say THANK YOU for the Forum. This site is spectacular and I am only now coming to see all the information on it.

Marisa Macri-Fefferman
Toronto, Canada

Intensive Taijiquan Course in Malaysia 5th to 11th September 2008

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  5. Capturing the Feeling of the Course
  6. An Undescribtable Deep Connection with All Human Beings and Life
  7. Some Highlights of the Course
  8. Multiple Attack and Moving in Stances
  9. Lifting Water for Force Training and Chi Flow
  10. It was a Life-Changing Experience

Videos of the Intensive Taijiquan Course can be accessed here


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