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Intensive Taijiquan Tai Chi Chuan

White Crane Flaps Wings

The following discussion is reproduced from the thread Intensive Taijiquan in Malaysia September 2008 started in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum on 14th September 2008

Yumi Honjo Sifu Yumi Honjo
Instructor, Shaolin Wahnam Japan
23rd September 2008

Dear Sifu and Everyone,

Already more than one week has passed since I came back to Japan. The Intensive Taijiquan Course was incredibly fantastic.

I still feel like as I am dreaming.

I smile to think of the 'what ifs'.

What if Rama Siheng had not asked Sifu to teach Taijiquan many years ago?
What if other seniors like Jeffrey Siheng and Riccardo Siheng had not kept on training Wahnam Taijiquan, but changed to Shaolin Kungfu?
What if Emiko Sijie had not asked Sifu to have an Intensive Taijiquan course in Malaysia last December when Sifu came to Japan?
What if Sifu had not said "yes"?

Thank goodness Sifu did say "yes".

And the course was held at last and I was able to be there!!! Sifu always tells us that there is no coincidence.

Needless to say, I leaned a lot during the course, especially how important it is “to be in the present” and “to flow”. I think that if we could do it in our daily life, how joyful our life would be and how beautifully it would flow.

I am honored to be one of the practitioners of this beautiful art. And I hope that Wahnam Taijiquan will remain forever all over the world.

Just like when I first saw Sifu's White Crane Flaps Wings and fell in love with Wahnam Taijiquan, I believe that many, many people will want to learn Wahnam Taijiquan as long as we keep practicing.

Many, many thanks to Sifu for sharing your wisdom and skills with us.
Many, many thanks to all my sisters and brothers for your presence.

I hope that I will be able to see all of you and cross hands soon.

Warmest wishes,


Intensive Taijiquan Tai Chi Chuan

The Three-Circle Stance

Sue Len
Shaolin Wahnam Canada
24th September 2008

Dear Sigung and Shaolin Whanam members,

I would like to thank our Sigung for organizing the Intensuve Taijiquan Course. Also I would like to thank Sifu Emiko who asked Sigung to teach this course.

This is my first trip to Malaysia. The contents in the course was so rich from the history of Taijiquan, philosophy, and basic movements of 1~12 sequences. Boxing against Taijiquan, Muay Thai against Taijiquan was exciting too.

Taijiquan is a deep and wonderful art. I had experienced a stomachache and ended up missing the afternoon of the first day, however, was able to be cured of it by the end of the day.

Also, thank you very much Mrs. Wei Foong for making the CD disks for us. With this, I can study the movements from home.

This was such a surreal experience as I had the chance to train with my Seniors, brothers and sisters. Some of the members were big, strong, guys but had very gentle "hearts". I was moved by some of the members who didn't have an instructor in their native country yet they came to Malaysia to take a course from Sigung.

Thank you very much teaching me Taijiqian and let me trained with Shaolin whanam members. I enjoyed every minute of this trip.

Sincerely yours,

Sifu Antonio and Sifu Yeong

Sifu Antonio Colarusso of Shaolin Wahnam Venezula and Sifu Yeong Kuen Chi, the Eagle Claw master

Drunken Boxer
Shaolin Wahnam Northern Ireland
25th September 2008

A big hello to all participants!

Since the course I have been doing mostly stance training (ie lessons from day one) and some pretty intense and sometimes weird cleansing! I have had post-course brainfry this time! Therefore I cannot answer the moving in stances questions except to say that the exercise where we let our chi move us through the stances was one of the most surprising and enjoyable sessions ever. Maybe when the dust (in my brain) settles I can join the technical debate.

I too have a question because I can't remember it all:
What were the points Sifu mentioned regarding fighting multiple attackers? I know he said to keep on the move, to use them to block each other (even using one as a shield), to hit the biggest one first (or sometimes the smallest), to make sure that whoever you hit was removed from the fight, and to make an example of one ie break his arm which would scare the others off. Was that about it or was there more, did I misunderstand any of it?

The other highlights for me were

I would also like to add what I was going to say at the dinner if 'persuaded' to speak! One of my mischievous big brothers (you know who you are!) persuaded me that EVERYONE had to prepare a speech for the Closing dinner - well he got me, but here is what I was going to say:

I used to think "Tai Chi" was some form of gentle exercise for hippies, like yoga, aerobics or pilates, or 'yogalates' as Des put it! Then I met Sifu and my Hunyuan master who proved to me that it is a deadly fighting art.

But the rest of the world does not know this.

Therefore many people who could benefit from the art do not.

I hope that some people from this school and this course can go on to prove that Taijiquan is a real fighting art. I would like to thank Sifu for giving us the opportunity to do so by teaching us real Taijiquan."


Intensive Taijiquan Course in Malaysia 5th to 11th September 2008

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