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Intensive Taijiquan Tai Chi Chuan

Very beautiful, tiny ladies can be very powerful

The following discussion is reproduced from the thread Intensive Taijiquan in Malaysia September 2008 started in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum on 14th September 2008.

Andres Londono
Shaolin Wahnam Colombia
22nd September 2008

Thanks to Sigung Wong for such nice course. For your teachings and your hospitality including of course the marvelous work of Wei Foong. Thanks to all participants and to the family for sharing your experiences.

Thanks to you all for this thread.

Congratulations to Sifu Antonio and Sifu Simon. Well done and all the support you need.

Thanks to Sifu Antonio for opening it and Sifu Jeffrey and Andrea for starting the completion of this first subject. Very clear and very good. I please ask and want to contribute (as far as possible) to keep with more subjects of the course of Malaysia.

As requested I want to share some of my experiences in the course in Malaysia.

1. I just want to say the practice is worth it. I knew it because after 6 months of continuous training in order to learn the most in the Intensive Tai Chi Chuan course in Malaysia I can say I enjoyed this course with Sigung Wong more than anyone else. My invitation to you all is to keep with the daily practice.

Thanks again to Sifu Emiko for your help in telling me how to train by myself imagining an opponent and enjoying the practice.

Thanks to Sifu Hubert for stressing how important is to relax in stance training.

Thanks to Sifu Jeffrey and Sifu Robin for giving the advice of stance training and moving between stances some time ago on the Blue Mountain.

Thanks to Sifu Rama and Sifu Piti for the importance of differentiating yin and yang and waist movement.

After including all these advices for six continuous months (almost daily) I can say training steadily is worth a lot. I am really thrilled with the practice. What Sigung says constantly is true: "Do this or do that for 3 months daily and you will notice it is really a treasure to be followed."

2. It was amazing to cross hands with the Japanese team so wisely guided by Sifu Emiko. This is also the proof as Sigung Wong says that a very beautiful, tiny lady can be very powerful. Sifu Piti can testify for himself of a very powerful throw by a Japanese lady. And most of all the attitude of all of you was very delightful.

3. It was great to see again Adrian, Pete, Irene, David and the Latin team. It is inspiring to see you again.

4. It was great to see the local team (Senthu and Mr. KL). You brought a lot of happiness.

And finally I want to highlight the joy of sharing with Sifu Ricardo Salvatore, your warmth, respect and easy going was very much appreciated. (Muito obrigado pela sua atitude durante a semana)

It was a shame others as Sifu Robin, Barry Wouter and Priya could not make it.

I want to propose as said before to Sifu Simon and Sifu Antonio and now being a reality in this thread with the leadership of Sifu Jeffrey to create a compilation of some of the most remarkable knowledge. Count with me as far as possible.

Greetings from Bogota, Colombia.

Intensive Taijiquan Tai Chi Chuan

A beautiful, tiny lady pushes a hefty man many feet away during Pushing Hands practice

Sifu Jeffrey Segal
Chief Instructor, Shaolin Wahnam Australia
22nd September 2008
Jeffrey Segal

Bienvenidos al hilo, Piti y Andres!

Thanks for your lovely post, Andres. I think you've captured the feeling of the course really well. I'm glad you took my advice to focus on Stance Training in Costa Rica last year. I found your Taijiquan to be greatly improved in all aspects. Well done

In fact, your timing is also pretty good because I was thinking that we could now take a step back from Moving in Stances back to Stance Training proper.

I'd like to invite everybody to share their current or past Stance Training experiences/program etc.

In my own training, these days I alternate between doing all the stances in one session with a longer 3-Circle Stance at the end (1-2 times each week), or just concentrating on one stance, usually Goat Riding Stance.

A couple of months ago, my Shaolinquan brother Steve came to Melbourne to visit Lauren and me. Steve's current Zhan Zhuang routine is to spend 20 minutes in Horse Riding stance with Two Tigers at the Ready, followed by 20 minutes in Golden Bridge and then 3 rounds of One Finger Shooting Zen (with some extra Dragon training) to round it off. All in all, about 50 minutes in Horse Riding Stance per session.

It was very inspiring for my student Chris and me to train with Steve. Having somebody next to us in Horse Riding Stance made it really easy to enjoy our Goat Riding Stance for 50 minutes. For Chris it was quite a breakthrough. Until then, I'd say that the longest he had trained Goat Riding Stance was about 20-25 minutes. Thank you, Steve!!

So, where are you all at with your Stance Training?

Jeffrey Segal
Shaolin Wahnam Australia

Intensive Taijiquan Course in Malaysia 5th to 11th September 2008

  1. An Amazing Course Ranging from Beginners' to Masters' Levels
  2. Non-Resistance and Moving in Stance
  3. What a Wonderful Course
  4. Five Factors for Consideration when Moving in Stances
  5. Capturing the Feeling of the Course
  6. An Undescribtable Deep Connection with All Human Beings and Life
  7. Some Highlights of the Course
  8. Multiple Attack and Moving in Stances
  9. Lifting Water for Force Training and Chi Flow
  10. It was a Life-Changing Experience

Videos of the Intensive Taijiquan Course can be accessed here


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