Sakura in Full Bloom

Sakura in full bloom when Grandmaster Wong arrives

The writing below is reproduced from Scattered Sakura Petals in our Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum.

Scattered Sakura Petals III - Discovery During Dinnertime Dialogue

In one instant, the sakura flowers,
Its birth the fruit of countless hours.
Then so swiftly away its beauty's swept,
Yet in the heart's depths its image stays kept.

It is the evening after Sifu's Massaging Internal Organs course, and I have been given the rare privilege of being invited to join Sifu and the Wahnam Japan Instructors at dinner. In the course of dinner, Sifu asks us about the extent to which we can see the application of a pattern, irrespective of whether it's one we have learned directly from him. This question is then brought to bear at me, resulting in a minor moment of panic. Settling at my dantian, I find the genuine answer.

"Yes, Sifu, much more than ever before, I am able to have some idea of the application of patterns that I haven't learned from you previously."

"Very good!" Sifu replies with his generous smile and sparkling eyes.

"But Sifu, I must admit that this has only been the case since I learned Wahnam Taijiquan. Before the Intensive Taijiquan course you gave in September, I wouldn't have been able to answer your question."

"Yes," Sifu says, kindly inviting me to elaborate.

"I think this is because it was my first time to have learned Wahnam Taijiquan directly from you. That put me deeply into a paradigm that was unfamiliar to me; to move within that paradigm, I had to let go of the way that I saw things at that time. As a result, the kungfu I had learned from you opened up even further. As I told you at the time, my understanding of the special set you gave me in 2004 deepened almost magically, to my complete surprise. Since then, in that same way, I can have a better understanding of a pattern's application than I previously have. That course changed many things for me, Sifu; thank you so much for having given it."

"Yes, that would make an interesting point on the forum." Sifu says as the conversation moves on further in its flow.

(Sorry, Sifu, for having been so late in putting it up here.)

The Buddha taught that there is no abiding self. To me, this is a wonderful truth ... largely because I can't abide the selves of most other people.

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