Pushing Hands

Prominent leaders of trade and industry enjoying “Pushing Hands” during a Taijiquan Session at Villa de Leyva, a holiday town on the Andes Mountains

The following discussion by Sifu Rama is reproduced from the thread CFQ — The Facts in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum on 9th September 2005.

How could CFQ people say that practicing kung fu brings bad karma?

CFQ philosophy states that practicing kung fu brings bad karma. I can say from direct experience that it is a false statement, at least concerning Shaolin Wahnam kungfu and more specific Wahanam Taijiquan which is the kung fu I practice and teach. I can say that it is just the contrary: genuine kung fu brings good karma and ultimately can even leads to extinguish all karma.

A fresh example of that is during another wonderful Sifu's course that has just finished in Colombia. Once more I had the opportunity to translate and assist Sifuji. It was a five day Wahnam Taijiquan program addressed to very important people who had no previous experience in martial arts. The results are simply amazing.

In the beginning participants had the sensation that it was impossible for them to learn something about this great art in such a short time. But very quickly their mood changed, an incredible, exponential improvement took over them with great enthusiasm.

Sifu made them “organically” understand how the principles of Wahnam Taijiquan could be applied in business as well as in private life, leading to a real art of living, a natural happiness and serenity that often, especially for important people for different reasons, do not know.

They also experienced Wahnam Taijiquan as a high level chi kung, increasing the traditional benefits of genuine chi kung.

At the end, we had an incredible grand finale where each participant had a taste of combat application. After a progressive and systematic training in Pushing Hands, they could experience the basic skills and techniques of combat like strikes, kicks, grips and throws with their respective defense modes.

The most important was the underlying philosophical aspects and wisdom like cultivating noble thoughts, always using mind power for good and never for evil purposes, be generous and compassionate in real combat as well as in figurative combat in daily life. In fact a VIP specifically stood up to thank Sifu for this wisdom. These qualities and wisdom come naturally from inside as an intrinsic result of Wahnam Taijiquan, Shaolin Kungfu and chi kung practice and not from mere oral instructions.

Even if it was clear from the beginning that nobody among the group was interested in combat, I think to have a taste of it gave the participant confidence and a lot of fun.

It is always so touching to see some people coming to the courses being depressed or in a state of inner resistance, tension, stress, and then leaving happily and peacefully, knowing that by keeping their practice of these great arts, it will become natural for them to be healthy, joyful and serene.

So, how could CFQ people say that practicing kung fu brings bad karma?

Best wishes to everybody,


Sifu singing

Sifu Wong singing with the VIPs providing the chorus at an informal get-together after a Taijiquan class


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