Michael Chow
International Wushu Champion, Shaolin Wahnam Canada

Flying Kick

Sifu Robin Gamble dodged a flying kcik from Michael Chow, an international wushu champion, during sparring practice at the Advanced Combined Shaolin Taijiquan Course conducted by Sifu Wong in Malaysia in July/August 2005

The following discussion by is reproduced from the thread How can I phrase this I really want to know! in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum on 16th October 2005.

These exponents, Sifu Kai and Sifu Emiko, are excellent martial artists. More importantly, they are persons of good hearts.

-- Michael Chow

Greeting All!

I thank all the contributors of this discussion. It has been an education and interesting read. I'd like to also contribute to this thread if you don't mind.

Firstly, I'd like to share with you my perspective on the Free Sparring between International Champions video clip. This video is an excellent example of genuine Shaolin Kungfu sparring. It reminds me how fortunate I am to have received such teaching from my Sifu, Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit.

Here's a list of some of the benefits I've received from this video clip:

  1. Free Sparring Without Rules or Equipment
    There was no protective equipment used. There were no rules to restrict where and how to strike (i.e. anything goes). As you can see from the video clip, there were strikes to the head, eyes, and groin. Because of the high skill of the exponents, no one was injuried.

  2. Use of Kungfu Techniques and Stance
    There are a wide variety of kungfu techniques shown in this short clip (there are 10 techniques at least). In addition, it shows the importance and variety of stances in kungfu.

  3. Internal Force and Energy Exchange
    There is a considerable amount of energy and force exchanged between them. It is interesting to watch how each one of them receives the incoming energy and "flows" with it.

  4. Clarity and State of Mind
    Both exponents had no malice. There was no presence of intent to injury, maim, or kill during their exchange. Even if a stike lands, there is clarity of mind to not inflict injury onto the other.

These exponents, Sifu Kai and Sifu Emiko, are excellent martial artists. More importantly, they are persons of good hearts. Please keep this in mind.

Secondly, there is honesty within the clips on the "How Do Masters Spar?" webpage. They are not editted or choreographed video clips. All the strengths and weakness of the participants of these clips are open for all to see. There is something to be admired when someone is open and honest.

Thirdly, it has been interesting to see the perspectives on how people view these aforementioned video clips. If you seek benefit, you will most likely to receive it. If you seek flaws, you will most likely to receive it. I believe it is up to the individual what they seek.

Once again, thank you and I look forward to hearing some more discussion.

Best wishes,
Michael Chow

Free Sparring

Sifu Kai Uwe, an international all styles free sparring champion, free sparring with Sifu Emiko Hsuen, an international wushu champion


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