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Sifu Kai Uwe sparring with Dr Damian Kissey during an advanced course in Malaysia in August 2005

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Personal Experiences of Internal Force

Many of you reading this know from direct experience that the things I'm describing are real. And you know what? That's all that really matters.

-- Anthony Korahais

Nice to see that everyone has been keeping busy in my absence. (Smile). should all thank Kin Tama for starting such a productive thread. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the responses here. Excellent stuff! Maybe I should go away more often.

Since everyone is doing such a terrific job of responding to specific points, I think I'll tell a story instead. Actually, a few stories....

I spent the weekend with Sifu and my classmate, Eugene. While driving to Key West yesterday, Eugene talked about his recent experience sparring with Kai in Malaysia. In short, Kai hit Eugene with a seemingly gentle elbow strike to the upper chest.

Kai has excellent control, but even he sometimes forgets his own power. In short, the force penetrated deep into Eugene's lungs. Although no lasting damage was done, Eugene continued to suffer from internal pains for over a month. (He resolved the problem on his own using his qigong.)

When I was in Malaysia in 2003, Kai did something similar to Berndt. It looked like a light tap to the chest. Over the course of the next few days, Berndt got sicker and sicker. It became obvious that something was seriously wrong. Sifu transmitted energy. Kai treated him with acupuncture. And Simu (Sifu's wife) cooked him some medicinal herbs.

Berndt recovered nicely, but I remember him telling me that, if not for the help of Sifu, Kai, and Simu, he felt that he would have died within a year. He said this with complete honesty while looking me in the eye.

I believe it was Javier who had a similar experience after being tapped by one of Kai's kicks. Perhaps Javier, or someone who was there, might like to tell the story?

Kai has also been known to give various demonstrations of internal power. For example, he will stand with his hands raised straight in the air and invite Tae Kwon Do black belts to kick his ribs and body full power -- to no effect.

Such experiences are not limited to Kai. Sifu Wong once received a gentle tap (a cup fist, to be exact) from his senior classmate during sparring. Over the next few days, he began to feel sick despite having been completely healthy for years. Sigung Ho transmitted energy to Sifu and applied some herbal medicine, but it still took Sifu months to fully recover.

I once hit Emiko in the neck with a gentle two-finger Dragon strike while demonstrating a technique to Mike. I thought it was nothing, but Emiko felt so sick that she immediately had to go do some remedial qigong exercises. The next day, Emiko told me that she was up half the night vomiting.

I've knocked forearms (Three-Star Hitting) with many people on this forum (and many others who are not). Perhaps some of them would like to share their experiences?

I have also broken the bottom of two bricks (without breaking the top). Many of my classmates can do the same. There is even a video of Ronan doing it in Malaysia.

Many of you reading this know from direct experience that the things I'm describing are real. And you know what? That's all that really matters. (Smile)

Anthony Korahais


Sifu Ronan Sexton breaking the bottom of two bricks. You can see a video clip of his action here


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