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Sifu Anthony Korahais

Sifu Anthony Korahais

The following discussion by Sifu Korahais is reproduced from the thread CFQ — The Facts in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum on 5th September 2005.

"He would visit Sifu Wong's intensive courses, take students out for meals, and once he had their confidence, he would tell them how foolish they were to spend so much money when Sifu Yap was better and cheaper. And then he would take them to see Sifu Yap."

Thank you Joan. Your post was deeply felt and inspired me to publicly share some of my own experiences.

I met Sifu Yap in May, 2003. I went to see him after the Special Intensive Course with Sifu Wong. Specifically, I went to him for treatment, although we also had lengthy conversations and a simple qigong lesson.

The Intensive Course with Sifu Wong brought out a lot of powerful cleansing in me. Towards the end of the course, I developed a painful blockage in my lower back. Sifu Wong told me that it was due to deep karmic cleansing, and I accepted that.

Jin Leng was one of Sifu Wong's Malaysian students. Before meeting Sifu Wong, he could hardly stand upright and could not walk for more than 15 minutes. Sifu Wong taught Jin Leng for free and helped him to overcome his problem. Jin Leng once told me that the recovery was a "miracle" to him.

I was friends with Jin Leng for a while. He was once an active member of this forum. But there was something very different about him in 2003. This was not the kind, compassionate Buddhist I had come to know. Instead, he was full of bitterness and venom -- particularly towards Sifu Wong.

Jin Leng would often join me or take me out to meals (he had a car) during the course in 2003. Gradually, he began to talk more and more about Sifu Wong. He complained, mostly. He spit a lot of venom. For some reason, he was especially angry towards Sifu Wong's fees even though he had never paid them himself.

After I developed the blockage in my back, Jin Leng offered to take me to see Sifu Yap. The clinic was hard to find, but he knew the way, he told me. At the time, I was alone at Cinta Sayang because Sifu Wong had left for Europe and my other classmates had gone on a road trip to see Sisook Ho. Alone and in pain, I decided it couldn't hurt to see Sifu Yap, especially since Sifu Wong spoke so highly of him in his book.

I was wrong. It could hurt, and it did. Rather than continue with confidence in my Shaolin Qigong and work through this karmic blockage just as I had with numerous other blockages, I sought relief elsewhere. What's worse is that Jin Leng and Sifu Yap significantly undermined my confidence in Shaolin Qigong.

For the next few months, I underwent a profound loss of confidence in my qigong and kungfu practice, not unlike what Joan described above. The conversations with Sifu Yap rang through my mind: "Kungfu attracts the karma of violence," and "Internal force is not conducive to health." Because of this loss of confidence, my practice suffered greatly and I actually developed more blockages while failing to clear the old ones.

As the situation got worse, I even considered visiting Sifu Yap because I mistakenly felt that he was the only one who could help. In truth, Sifu Yap's treatments hurt more than they helped. Although they brought me temporary relief from the pain, they had the side-effect of taking away my ability to heal myself using Shaolin Qigong. It was as if my "powers" were taken from me and I was suddenly dependant not on myself as I had been for years, but on Sifu Yap and CFQ.

In the end, it took me a long time to recover from the damage done by Jin Leng and Sifu Yap. Of course, in the end it was Shaolin Cosmos Qigong that led to my recovery, not CFQ.

Sifu Yap did not specifically badmouth Sifu Wong or Shaolin Wahnam to my face, and it is not my intention to badmouth him here. But his tacit disapproval of Shaolin Wahnam became clear. Sifu Yap freely offered controversial opinions that conflicted heavily with Shaolin Wahnam. In retrospect, I think it was inappropriate to do this to disciples (Darryl was there too) of another master -- especially when we consider that Sifu Wong was one of Sifu Yap's mentors.

What I found most disturbing at the time was that Sifu Yap did not offer any kind words about Sifu Wong. I found this strange considering all of the kind words Sifu Wong and his students had for Sifu Yap. It was also strange considering how happy and peaceful Sifu Yap appeared to be.

I later found out that Jin Leng was working for Sifu Yap, although I'm not sure exactly when this started. I know that Jin Leng quit working for Sifu Wong's publishing company the same week that he took me to see Sifu Yap. I'm not saying that Sifu Yap encouraged Jin Leng's behavior. I don't really know. But Jin Leng's behavior was certainly unethical.

Jin Leng continued like this for a while. He would visit Sifu Wong's intensive courses, take students out for meals, and once he had their confidence, he would tell them how foolish they were to spend so much money when Sifu Yap was better and cheaper. And then he would take them to see Sifu Yap.

Obviously, this kind of behavior is unacceptable. This is one of the main reasons Shaolin Wahnam is now taking a firm stand against CFQ and those who associate with the organization. Personally, I am most interested in helping other students to know the facts so that they might avoid what happened to me.

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