Sifu Joan Browne
Chief Instructor, Shaolin Wahnam Ireland

Sifu Joan Browne

Sifu Joan Browne

The following discussion by Sifu Joan Browne is reproduced from the thread CFQ -- The Facts in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum on 5th September 2005.

"If somebody betrays your father or family, you take it very seriously. You do not go and shake the hand of that person and clap him on the back and say well done! Can I learn from you? Do you?"

Shaolin Greetings,

In traditional systems, the act of betrayal and deception is a very serious issue. The reason that I am opening this thread is to share with you 'the facts' on CFQ which I have, unfortunately, been experiencing in Ireland. I feel that it is important that we speak about this openly and frankly.

In the interest of fairness, I invite those whom I mention to give their side of the story, if they see fit. I also extend an invitation to anybody else who has experienced first hand a betrayal, bad mouthing or incorrect facts of Sifu Wong, his style of Chi Kung and /or the Shaolin Wahnam Institute in attempt to change the person's style of Chi Kung or Master. While to some people it is just a changing of styles, to very sick people it can be something far more serious.

The first experience of somebody 'leaving' Shaolin Wahnam Ireland came a few years ago. Sharon rang me to tell me that she had decided to change over styles after visiting Sifu Yap in Malaysia. Her explanation at the time was:

I didn't have a problem with Sharon leaving Shaolin Wahnam Ireland, after all, it was her life. What I was very very sad about was the way in which this was said to me. It was the arrogance in which it was said -- as if I didn't know anything and what I was practicing was vastly inferior to CFQ, despite overcoming a serous back and neck problem.

To give a little background on Sharon, she did the very first course with Sifu when he came to Ireland in 2001. She had a lot of very deep emotional issues, which over time greatly improved. So much so that one of her colleagues at work went to do an Intensive Chi Kung course in Malaysia with Sifu because of the change in Sharon. Her improvement continued and she decided to go on a world tour all by herself, an unthinkable adventure before. She attended an Intensive Chi Kung course in Australia by courtesy of Sifu and because of her great improvement, he invited her to become an instructor for the Institute. She taught in New Zealand for a few months, as she was based there at the time.

I was in constant contact with Sharon over this time -- a few years -- and we had become very good friends. We would speak for hours on a Saturday night discussing how her training and teaching was going in New Zealand. She was coming home to teach Shaolin Chi Kung and I even had advertised classes in Galway on my website for her. On her way home to Ireland, she attended a course with Sifu Yap in Penang and sadly never practised Shaolin Chi Kung again. After that she rang me to say that she was going to do CFQ due to the reasons mentioned above.

The other person that has very much surprised me is a guy named Finbar. He first learned Chi Kung from Sifu at a regional course. He suffered from Ankloyising Spondylitis a severe deformity of the spine. After some months, he started to improve, and we often laughed at his Elvis-like chi flows! so much so that after a year, some foreign relatives who attended a family wedding didn't recognize him. They were still looking for the little guy with the sideways gait. This was amazing especially as Anklyosing Spondylitis is incurable. Mentally and emotionally Finbar started to improve also and sometimes his body was black and blue from hitting his spine. He told me that he was going to Malaysia to Sifu's Intensive course and asked me if I minded if he went to see Sifu Yap as Sifu had written about him in his book so I said it was fine.

Sometime later, Sifu held a course in Ireland, which Finbar's brother attended. He noticed a young lady there who also suffered from mild curvature of the spine but also suffered from Chronic Fatigue(very chronic). He felt it would be a good idea and inspiration for this young lady if Finbar contacted her and told his story. A few days later I received a phone call from a very distraught lady. It was the young lady who had been speaking to Finbar and had been told by him that Shaolin Chi Kung would probably never work for her!! He didn't feel any better after practising and that she shouldn't get her hopes up. To me this was very very wrong of Finbar, it took me months to lift this lady's spirits and belief again, although she continued to practice, her belief in leading a normal life again was gone. She has since travelled to Malaysia to Sifu Wong and is improving but Finbar with his incorrect views could have impeded this young lady's progress for ever. To me this is unforgivable. He has again contacted her to tell her that Sifu Yap is in Ireland shortly, despite little progress himself with CFQ.

He rang me after attending Sifu Yap in the UK last year and firstly admitted that he had forgotten me!! It was his brother who insisted that he ring me to tell me that he was no longer practising Shaolin Chi Kung because:

And he was completely bowled over by the fact that toxic or stale chi is eliminated through the soles of the feet in CFQ which he claimed didn't happen in Shaolin Chi Kung. Again the most upsetting part for me was the arrogance and belittlement of Shaolin Chi Kung despite all the benefits he had received. I have recently heard that he has admitted that he really is no better after a year. This is very very sad.

As I have mentioned in another thread, Sifu runs a very moral, ethical and compassionate institute. Students come to him freely because of his reputation, not because he has run down another school, institute or system. Students from Shaolin Wahnam who go to any school where it is obvious that incorrect information or belittling is rampant should know that their act is an act of betrayal. If somebody betrays your father or family, you take it very seriously. You do not go and shake the hand of that person and clap him on the back and say well done! Can I learn from you? Do you?

Best wishes,

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