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Emiko Hsuen

Sifu Emiko Hsuen

The following discussion by Sifu Emiko Hsuen is reproduced from the thread CFQ — the Facts in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum on21st September 2005 as a response of Master Yap's post.

Clarity, the Key

Dear Master Yap and Dr. Chok C. Hiew,

Thank you for visiting our forum and for your posts.

Though I have not met you in person, it is an honour to make the literary acquaintance of such a well-established healer as yourself, Master Yap.

Originally Posted by Master Yap:
"CFQ is a system to produce or train healers, Shaolin Wahnam Kung-Fu Martial Artists."

Herein lies the key misunderstanding.

Master Yap, the Shaolin arts are not merely for cultivating martial arts.

The Shaolin arts are meant to serve multiple purposes:

  1. overcoming medical issues, i.e. imbalances within the body (mind and spirit)
  2. maintaining and enhancing one's overall health, vitality and quality of life
  3. developing the basic life skills of being able to protect oneself through the martial arts (it is a basic right of every man and woman to be able to walk the streets at night without fear)
  4. arriving at inner peace, complete joy and spiritual freedom

In Shaolin Wahnam, we have both healers and martial artists. In fact, we often forget to make a distinction between these two because it is a well-known fact that being, for example, a bonesetter as well as a martial artist is a legacy that has existed in China and the rest of Asia for multiple generations. Many of our practitioners are not only competent in the martial arts, but also are well-versed and trained in Chinese medicine.

It is a natural progression that the more one trains in the Shaolin arts, the more one comes to peace with one's own inner demons, thereby maturing into someone who can be of benefit to others.

The martial arts practiced in Shaolin Wahnam is ultimately designed to bring each person complete healing and spiritual joy. Being a master yourself, Master Yap, I am sure that you will recognize that the same internal strike that kills is the very strike that heals.

chi flow

Shaolin Wahnam students enjoying a chi flow, which is very beneficial to their health and vitality, during a review course in Malaysia in 2004

Intent is everything, in anything, in all aspects of life, especially in the Shaolin arts. If the intent is for power gain and self-recognition, then this is desire for egoistic satisfaction, and indeed the art being practiced would be considered a “lesser art”. However, let me clarify that from day one, Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit stipulates that the first and most essential principle in the Shaolin arts is “Smiling from the Heart”.

In every strike, every session of stance training, every combat sequence executed, the goal is to achieve “Smiling from the Heart”.

All martial arts, when practiced with correct intent, when taught by an exceptional master who has achieved the spiritual understanding required to teach at this level, are a form of deep cleansing and healing.

Indeed when martial arts is not practiced with Right Thought, when it is taught by a master who only perceives martial arts to be a form of defense against external enemies, then deep cleansing and healing can not take place. Instead, the practitioner's ego will become enlarged, his/her temperament more unstable, and his/karma more volatile.

Through the Shaolin arts, we are not just healing our physical bodies, but also our minds. This includes cleansing on many levels (emotional, mental, karmic etc). In Shaolin Wahnam, we are taught the Three Shaolin Treasures: kungfu, chi kung and zen.

So, a martial artist can be a healer as well.

In the future, I would invite you to recall that the Shaolin arts originate from the various Shaolin Monasteries, where healing and spiritual enlightenment were the ultimate goals of human cultivation, not ego enhancement through the acquiring of martial siddhis.

This is precisely what is being taught and practiced in Shaolin Wahnam.

I hope that this will help to clarify any misunderstandings of our system that you may have had.

Master Yap and Dr. Chok C. Hiew, I wish you both continued health and prosperity. May your work of healing become ever skillful, ever wiser and ever successful.

Thank you again, for visiting our forum.

Peace and blessings,

Emiko Hsuen
Shaolin Wahnam Disciple
Shaolin Wahnam Canada - Toronto Community


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