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The following discussion by Cymon is reproduced from the thread CFQ — The Facts in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum on 7th September 2005.

My Own Experience of CFQ (Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong)

He answered all the questions that I came up with and it wasn't until about 30 mins or so of this that I then noticed I had actually stopped speaking through my mouth and he was answering my thoughts and questions as they raised in my head. -- Cymon

The following post is going to be quite large as the matter of this thread is equally large, and has also troubled me for a while. Like all of us here, I would like to know exactly what is transpiring. I am going to describe what my direct experiences with Sifu Yap and CFQ were.

November (2004) came along and my thoughts and emotions again turned to Malaysia. It was at this point Master Yap entered my life, actually from a post in this forum. I decided to go on the CFQ course in Oxford. I remember thinking to myself at the time that this was synchronistic in some way. “I can't be with my Shaolin Wahnam Family in Malaysia at the moment but I can make it up to Oxford for two days training with a chi kung master who is from Malaysia!”

At the time I had no knowledge whatsoever of the things that have now been revealed by this current thread. If I had, I simply would not have had any involvement with Sifu Yap at all. I was both then and now very happy, honoured, obliged and blessed to be part of Shaolin Wahnam.

I too first read about Master Yap in Sigung's book "Chi Kung For Health And Vitality" and, from this description, I figured as a student of TCM the chance to meet and learn from Master Yap was one that should not be missed.

If I was to comment on Sifu Yap from the point of view of my own experiences and to temporarily disregard the points and events that have occurred since then, I would also have nothing but good things to say. At the course I was made to feel very welcome by everyone involved. It was a feeling I had gained familiarity with through my training in Shaolin Wahnam -- politeness, courtesy, warmth and open hearts.

I was introduced to Sifu Yap and from that moment on found him to be one of the most pleasant, warm, open, patient and caring individuals I had ever met in my life. He also had a great sense of humour and tended to hug people a lot. It was my own personal experience of Sifu Yap that is making the whole matter of this thread really difficult for me to understand what is actually going on. The facts that have been revealed and the points that have been raised just do not fit with my own experience of him. I used to have nothing but praise, respect and admiration for this great sifu and his system.

But now I have to revise or at least reserve my opinion. This upsets me. This is why I must find out the facts. He has displayed to me nothing but good things, like respect and kindness. I fully admit that I don't know what is happening behind the scenes. I am absolutely disgusted by the behaviour of some of his students and totally agree with Sipak Anthony.

I actually completed two courses in CFQ, Level 1 and Level 2. Level 1 was at the time a weekend of instruction and transmission of the eight chi kung patterns. I found this chi kung quite different from what I was normally used to training in. It did not involve any kind of breathing synchronization or visualization and was done with the eyes open. Also there was NO storing; only cleansing.

Level 2 was conducted a week later so that you could spend some time cleansing and getting ready for the seated meditation, healing techniques and more advanced concepts of level 2. This began with a mass healing of everyone in the room using meditation healing. He then instructed and guided us all in how to do the seated meditation ourselves.

Interestingly it was during the seated meditation that he advocated chi flow and I heard a few people behind me falling off their seats, moaning etc. At the end of the course we were put into small groups of five. One person with an ailment/illness was seated with the rest of us standing around the seated person. We then performed chi kung healing on them.

After this we all discussed people's experiences. Following the discussion Master Yap said that he needed some volunteers with ailments and some people to heal them through the meditation healing that we had learnt earlier in the course. I volunteered to be healed but was refused as I was told I was going to do the healing. It was all very simple and straightforward. We did the same technique we had learnt earlier only this time we were doing it on our patient's behalf instead of our own.

Sifu Yap has a very strong belief in Buddhism and this comes across very strongly in his teachings and explanations of the concepts and techniques. It is also at the root of his concept of illness and karma being intertwined. I also think that it is his concept of karma which causes much consternation.

I met Sifu Yap for a healing session on the night before I left for London. He told me I did not need a healing and that if I wished we could talk for a period of 30 mins allotted to me. I wholeheartedly said yes as I had many questions. Most of my questions were Buddhist related and he enlightened me so much that I had wished to understand for about eight years or so. It was during this session that I experienced something which was for me at the time amazing.

We had been discussing huge concepts involving reincarnation, karma, Sukhavati and other things, for about 40 mins or so. The topics and concepts would be described and explained to me, and as this was happening, lots and lots of more questions were naturally arising in my mind as we delved further onto the vast subject matter. He answered all the questions that I came up with and it wasn't until about 30 mins or so of this that I then noticed I had actually stopped speaking through my mouth and he was answering my thoughts and questions as they raised in my head.

He was still talking to me in a conventional manner but not one word had passed my mouth for around 30 mins. I was impressed and humbled, not to mention grateful for his time and wisdom. I paid him for his 30 mins even though he actually gave me three times this amount of time. He understood the financial difficulties of being a student and his disciple Simon who was organizing the courses in Oxford also gave me a major discount on the courses, which I was very grateful for.

During my whole experience I wore my Shaolin Wahnam attire and displayed this to all present, and also made it clear to everyone involved, including Sifu Yap, that I had no intentions to stop my Shaolin Wahnam training and practice. No one had any problems with this. I was told that my wishes and standpoint was fully respected. However it was explained during the courses at several points, only when people asked about it, that Kung Fu did indeed generate bad karma. I had great difficulty accepting this and reiterated that I was not going to stop as I was not convinced of this concept.

Once back in London I decided that in order to evaluate and gain the best benefits of CFQ I should practice it solely for a period and postpone my Shaolin Wahnam training for a while. My reasoning for this was one of a dualistic nature, in that considering the main aim of CFQ was to remove the layers of karma and not to build or store, (which was at the time how I limitedly looked upon my kung fu training) that to my mind they were incompatible. I was at this point displaying an example of logical reasoning over wisdom and experience. Wisdom and experience I fully admit to having very little of.

So I practiced and studied the CFQ for about two months, I think, but I really missed my previous training and when I met up with my Sifu, Sihing and Sidais it hit me how far I had been confused and messed myself up in the head not to mention how far I had fallen behind. They had just come back from Malaysia. However, I think the old saying “Jack of all trades, master of none” might have applied to me.

In and around this time I was also trying to organize a guest lecture and course for Sifu Yap at my Uni. I ended up having to stop this as my course was demanding too much of my time and it was also around this period that the subject of this thread regarding the backstabbing and slander was brought to my attention. I have therefore not had any personal contact with Sifu Yap since 1st of March this year.



From the time of December 04 to about March 2005 I had in total stopped training Shaolin Wahnam Kung Fu and Chi Kung for about three months and stopped all training for just over one of those three months. Considering my life in London at that time you may guess the consequences. Yes, you can probably guess! The following statement was from Sigung as I remember it.

“Cymon! What is wrong with you? What has happened? You are Shaolin Wahnam, you should be happy! You should be an example of our arts. Look around the table. Eeveryone is happy except you. What has happened?”

I knew that there were many things that were upsetting me and wearing me down that would not have been had I been a good student and kept up my training. At the time I did not consciously feel that I was upset or down, more drained than anything else, a kind of numbness.

Looking back I can say now that in all honesty I was a complete and utter mess, literally a shadow of my previous self. Everyone who was there who knows me can attest to this. I was giving off major, major negativity. Not consciously though, but my heart had closed up and my ego was winning and very much growing.

When Sigung said to me that I should pour tea as I was the most junior present, I was so rapped up in my own ego and messed in the head that I disputed and mentioned another student that I thought was my junior. Later I realized that I was of course incorrect and that in fact I was the most junior there and I realized how rude and disrespectful and stupid I had been.

Whether I was or was not the most junior to me now is not the point. Sigung asked me to pour tea, so I should have got up there and then to pour it. Thanks to his vast and deep level of understanding and compassion Sigung quickly changed the focus of conversation to something else once the point had been made. This was the slap I needed and started that night to resume my training.

Steadily building back to where I left off in November, it was only in the last month that I felt I had started progressing again. Instead of catching back up with myself. I can now say I am the happiest I have ever been. I am currently in love with Sequences 5 to 8 especially 6 and 7. Absolutely amazing! The depth is unfathomable!

It is with the last point in mind regarding Sigung that I would like to offer a public apology to him here in front of everyone on the forum. The next time we meet I will do this the traditional way with utmost sincerity and respect.

Dear Sigung,

Down on one knee and with a cup of the very best fresh tea I can source, I sincerely offer it to you with respect and humility. I realize my mistake, improper conduct, rudeness and ignorance. I thank you for the patience, love and support you have shown me. I hope that you accept my apology and that I can continue to learn from you in the future and remain as a dedicated, humble and studious member of the Shaolin Wahnam Institute.


Tou Shoon Cymon.

Sifu Wong's Reply

We in Shaolin Wahnam are very happy you are back with us

Dear Cymon,

I have just read your post on “My own experience of CFQ”. It is a great post. I am sure not only it will enable many people to better understand our relationship with CFQ, it has also touched their heart.

Your apology is accepted. I look forward to train you and to help you attain the wonderful benefits of our Shaolin arts.

If you wish, you can post my e-mail on the same thread of your post to signal that we in Shaolin Wahnam are very happy you are back with us.

Best regards.


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