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Sifu Wong and Kai

Grandmaster Kai Uwe Jettkandt and Grandmaster Wong in Frankfurt

The following is a response posted on 19th September 2003 by Kai Uwe Jettkandt, our Shaolin Wahnam master in Germany and a grandmaster of Jujitsu, as well as a master of several other martial arts, to some posts in the thread Bull Shit in Chinese Martial Arts insinuating that Chinese martial arts cannot be used for fighting and their internal force is fraudulent.

First of all I do not post the following sentences to light myself or my ego!!!. If I'm talking about fighting I know what I'm talking about. I competed 130 times and I won 125. Around 50 of them were prizefights. I was a few times national champion and 2 times international champion. I fought in most of Europe and in Indonesia, China, Thailand, India and Malaysia. Thats for the external experience.

In the internal aspect I invided Muay Thai fighters, Tae Kwon Do or Kickboxing people to make full round house kicks against my body with my hands/arms up. That we call “Golden Bell” in our lineage. Or 5 people would sit on me and they pin me on the ground and 2 seconds later I would be standing upright and the people would be lying on the ground. Or 3 people try to bend my arm to get an arm lock. These are all examples to show internal art. We are not going on tournaments to show this on our opponent just to satisfy the spectators.

Unbendable Arm

Two martial artists attempt to bend Kai's arm, but to no avail

Of course these are only words (like some people always are saying here on the forum) but on our forum are enough people to confirm my posting not only from listening to my words but from their own experience with me. They told you the stories but they did not name me because they were polite and had respect.

Some people here on the forum are talking about competition and have no experience at all. Even they are good with words but that really has nothing to do with experience. They are talking about cross-training. The inventor of that was Bruce Lee and I'm the second generation direct line from him, and they are saying that is the only heaven of the martial arts training methods. I've mastered 8 different MA-styles. That is more than only cross training, right or not?

Now the most important point. After 28 years teaching my different MA I give all up to follow the great teaching of Sifu not because of his all the time very kind words, no ? because of my experience from the past with my different MA!!!

The world of today is losing its morality. People don't know how to pay respect to older people, teachers or masters/sifus. In our Wahnam school we got for that our "10 Shaolin Laws" and nobody of our members would ignore them. That's why sometimes the members are answering not impolitely so that they do not disturb the harmony of other people.

Sifu Wong and Kai

Sifu Wong and Kai

Four martial artists pin Kai to the ground. Yet, using his internal force, he gets up easily, throwing the four persons onto the ground.

David, to have doubt is right all the time but it has to change if you got a proper answer. The speech has always to be gentle even your doubts are very big. If you are saying you only believe names, dates etc. that's your right too. For me it would be impolite to name the loosers of fights. For Gokor's info go to his website and buy one or some videos. There you can see around 30-40 fights and also the names of the opponents. But be careful, maybe the videos are faked!!!

The Buddha teaches that “sometimes you have to use hard words to open the eyes of someone".

Sorry for my bad English. (Editorial note: Kai is German.)

May all beings be happy!


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