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Sifu Darryl Collett

The following discussion by Sifu Darryl Collett is reproduced from the thread CFQ — The Facts in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum on 6th September 2005.

Originally posted by Joan:

I found it more than coincidental that some students who attended Master Yap were coming back with almost identical 'stories' in the way of belittling Sifu Wong and Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung and that 'Kungfu is bad for Karma'

For a bit more background information, I also had one of my students, Cymon, stop practicing Shaolin Kungfu after attending a CFQ (Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong) healing workshop. He didn't tell me at the time and it was much later when he actually told me.

I have asked Cymon to tell his own account of events, but the key thing is that during a conversation with Joan, I casually mentioned that one of my students had stopped practicing and was now studying CFQ. I was rather surprised when she told me what had happened with several of the Irish students and, out of curiosity, I asked a few of the other Shaolin Wahnam instructors if they either had similar experiences of, or had students leave after CFQ lessons or treatment.

What I found surprised me greatly, in that several (Ronan, Marcus, Mike and myself) of the UK instructors have had CFQ students (in particular Jin Leng and Chris Jones) badmouthing Sifu Wong and the Arts that he teaches.

When I started asking the overseas instructors, I found that others had had the same situation, either with their students coming back either confused or misinformed (Joan and Kai), or with themselves having been subjected to badmouthing and insinuation (Anthony and Eugene). At this point I stopped believing it to be casual coincidence.

One last point - some people on this thread are misinterpreting compassion and forgiveness as silence and irresponsibility. This is the official discussion forum for the Shaolin Wahnam Institute. As such, all of the various instructors and sifus have a responsibility to look out for their students, their brothers and their sisters, as well as to treat their sifu with respect.

As Anthony noted, within Shaolin Wahnam we do not forget our previous sifus. If we believe them to be missing out on something beneficial, we would encourage them to learn from Sifu Wong directly. If they choose not to, this is both their right and their privilege but personally, I am still extremely respectful of all my previous Instructors, even the ones whom I have since surpassed.

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