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18th July 2011

An evening for the ages

Dear Shaolin Family,

Sigung's Zen course in London last week was astonishing in its profundity, mesmerising in its beauty and amazing in its simplicity. Reflecting on it now, it could almost be the story of a wonderful dream: a journey to a garden of rich beauty (Regent’s Park) to receive profound and sacred teachings from a spiritual master whose magnificence shines like the radiance of the sun. It was an evening for the ages…

All the Chi Kung I have done with Sigung and my Sifu previous to last Thursday had as their principle objective the generation of an energy flow in the body. For this course the objective was different: to develop an enhanced state of mental clarity in our minds and use it for effective problem solving.

Problem solving in this course took the form of offering simple, direct and effective advice to the person sitting next to us after they had articulated a problem from their personal lives. Before the first of the three Mental Clarity Chi Kung exercises taught by Sigung on the night, some of the people paired together shared their problem and advice with the class.

As the evening progressed more people offered their stories. It was truly astonishing at how our ability to perceive and analyse each piece of advice grew as we achieved a much greater and deeper state of mental clarity from Sigung’s continuous high-level transmission (which seemed to spike like a mountain during the Chi Kung exercises themselves).

The skills that I and everyone else gained from this course are mind blowing. Mental clarity is a fundamental life skill. Some of the biggest mistakes I have made resulted from a lack of it. Yes, mental clarity is of course a very welcome benefit of our Energy Flow Chi Kung exercises, but this course was like a super master class in developing it.

Even already I can feel that it has enhanced my understanding of the people around me and the situations in which I find myself. My perception of life itself has changed. Somehow I am more sensitive to the all the Chi around and within me. Over the coming months as this new deeper awareness flourishes I know I will be able to think, move and act with greater clarity and greater awareness enhancing absolutely everything I do. How very blessed we are in Shaolin Wahnam!

I would like to offer my sincere thanks to Sikujie Fleur and Sisook Robin for making this wonderful course happen. Thank you both very much.

I would also like to offer my sincere thanks to Sigung for yet another truly life-changing experience. Sigung, from the heart, THANK YOU.

Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.

Best wishes to all the Shaolin Family (and especially those lucky enough to be in Brighton this week),


Simple Zen meditation

A simple Zen meditation

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