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Sifu Marcus uses “Punch Below Sleeves” against Simon's jab

Marcus Santer Sifu Marcus Santer
Instructor, Shaolin Wahnam England
24th March 2006

Hello Everyone,

As promised here is the picture sequence for the quote below submitted in post 30 of this thread.


“Nevertheless, if for any reasons the Tai Chi Chuan practitioner wishes to 'ward off' the jab, he should use 'slap hand' instead of 'peng'. A good technique is 'Punch Below Sleeves'. If the opponent jabs with his right hand, for example, assume a left Bow-Arrow Stance and ward off the jab at his elbow with your left palm -- not by moving your left palm but by rotating your waist from left to right in a clockwise movement. Still controlling his arm at his elbow with your left palm, thrust your right vertical fist into his right ribs.

Take note that this warding-off movement is circularly backward, and not directly forward as Challenger advocates. Suppose the opponent's jab is coming in a direction from north to south. Challenger's 'peng' moves from south to north, or from south-west to north-east. This is going against the opponent's momentum, and is against Tai Chi Chuan principles. Your ward-off with the palm moves from north-west to south-east. This is using the opponent's momentum, and follows Tai Chi Chuan principles.”

Picture 1: Simon moves in with a right jab.

Picture 2: I assume a left bow-arrow stance and begin to ward off the jab with my left palm. Note my hips and shoulders face Simon.

Picture 3: I continue the ward of not by moving my arm but by rotating my waist from left to right in a clockwise movement, still controlling his arm at his elbow with my left plam.

Picture 4: I thrust my right vertical fist into his right ribs.

In my next post I will post some video links to demonstrate how the same set can be performed by beginners and masters alike, with each benefiting according to his level of attainment.

Have fun.

Kind regards



Sifu Wong applies “Jade Girl Threads Shuttle” to counter Mogan's attack

Shaolin Wahnam Indonesia
24th March 2006

I am a novice in sparring and combat applications, but I did start learning them in the January Intensive TJQ Course. May I submit an opinion here?

Another similar way to counter Simon's punch would be using “Jade Girl Threads Shuttle” executed in Right Bow Arrow Stance.

Picture 1- Same as above.

Picture 2,3,4- By the time the punch is almost spent fully, I would move diagonally to the left, (in transition move I would use False Leg Stance with my left leg supporting the body weight) and then deflect the punch with my right hand, and at the same time hit his right middle body with my left hand, while positioning into right Bow Arrow Stance.

Just after a split second of False Leg Stance, the three movements (Moving into Right Bow Arrow Stance, Deflect the Punching Arm with my Right Hand, and Hit the Middle Body with my Left Hand) are done simultaneously.

I practice also the counter to my Jade Girl response (the next movement that Simon might have responded to the attack to his mid body). I practice this sequence every day by myself as I have yet to find a partner, so I would like to know how I would spar with a real partner.

Best regards,
kai xin... hao yunqi
Be happy n joyful... and share the joy with others


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