Wuzuquan Course 2012

Sifu Roland practicing Abdominal Breathing at the Wuzuquan Course

Sifu Roland Mastel

Instructor, Shaolin Wahnam Switzerland

3rd January 2013

Amazing Wuzuquan

Dear All,

The Wuzuquan course was indeed another highlight not to be missed. I was lucky enough to find myself quite spontaniously in the middle of another wonderful journey. Originally like Chris, also me and my wife had different plans, yet the instant change of the direction was something of the best happened to us in our lives.

What stroke me was the fact that first off the Wuzuquan is another crystallisation of past masters force training methods and combat training. Another mindblowing fact was is, that the Set San Zhan we are able to learn is the same Set which was trained in the past. Almost any other Set we know, even the traditional ones like the Flower Set or the Triple Stretch, went most probably through a evolvement. Most Sets trained by so many masters and students around the world content different variations.

The San Zhan is one of the very few Sets, if not the only one Set which is practiced in the same way in different schools and the Set which we train and other schools train has hardly changed from its origin.

When I speak about almost no visible changes then I must mention that of course the way and depth Sifu teaches the Set may be quite different from how other schools train it. When Sifu trained it although it was told that it's famous for internal force he would not experience it for a long time. It would take him months if not years to experience the internal force. Our students, relative beginners and advanced ones would generate internal force on day 1.

Then another significant difference is that we all are able to train the Set the orthodox or in other words the traditional way. Sifu's training methodogy has improved to such a incredible level, that participants can develop internal force with any chosen pattern out of it applying the flow method.

Now the most amazing part is that Sifu introduced us to apply different force aspects within the Set. Participants are now able to apply the hard force of Iron Wire or Triple Stretch or the more soft force of other styles like Taiqiquan within the Set. This is most probably a most outstanding development in all Kung Fu history and many people would for sure say that we are crazy and that this is not possible.

To come back to the Set by itself: why did the San Zhan not underlie significant changes all over those years? Why is it that no matter in which country under which master you may train it you would learn the same Set with hardly no difference. Sifu generously put this question into the group in the last training sessions. It may be very beneficial to all of us having answered this question. Have a try!

Roland Mastel



Wuzuquan Kneading Hands

Sifu Roland and Sifu Jeffrey demonstrating Wuzuquan Kneading Hands

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