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I was going to quote part of your post, Martin, but I really couldn't decide which bit - so I'll just say I agree with all of it and thank you for your open hearted friendship.

Its great to hear from everyone and I hope your practice is going round nicely.

In one session it was time to let go. I did so and was soon on the floor. I started to roll around on the floor in a very strange, but very nice way. My head would tuck under and pull my body after it. This went on for several minutes, with me sometimes jumping up onto my feet and then rolling back down again. It felt really good - like a massage.

The time came to stop and I stood up straight and still (and relaxed ) for Standing Meditation. Something was wrong - no not wrong, just different. Something looked different (although my eyes were closed), and as my perception cleared I realised that where I would have normally been looking at the inside of my eyelids, this was now appearing about a foot in front of my head. My mind had expanded outwards from my third eye.

Throughout the course I kept finding lessons in mental clarity. Because of stresses and wrong thoughts and illnesses our minds are like a dirty pool - cloudy with impurities. With chi flow we can clear away the impurities and the mind like the water can become clearer.

I hope these postings can go some way towards thanking you, Sifu, for your precious teaching.

Many Regards,


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A Wonderful Course

Hi everyone,

I have to say, this course is just incredible. Within just 3 days we are transmitted the skill of small universe and big universe, which sounds unimaginable, but when you attend this course you experience this as fact.

I believe most of this is due to the incredible teaching skill of Sifu, and of course the brilliant methods inherited from the past masters.

I think everyone on the course had some amazing experiences, personally I had a powerful feeling of my mind and body merging and expanding after the first few breaths of practicing small universe in the goat stance, thank you Sifu for this blessing.

For me, the Small Universe flow is gradually improving day by day, and I feel all the other arts we have are also improved a lot since this course.

Outside of Sifus lessons, talking with and learning from the other course participants was invaluable.

I would like to thank Siheng Hubert for teaching us the flowing stance training, incorporating this has made zhan zhuang not only more powerful, but much more enjoyable. You are certainly a very talented instructor!

Siheng Maxime is visibly overflowing with energy, when you corrected my Beauty Looks in Mirror, the subtle change had a surprising impact of making me feel solidity and powerful energy flow, thank you.

Also, thank you to Nick for practicing combat sequence 1 in depth with me,

it was an incredibly useful session for showing the importance of deeply relaxing, flowing and focusing. Doing this with the eyes closed was pretty challenging at first, but relaxing and focusing made it much more natural.

Alex from the US, Sifu came to our table the day after you left and asked where you were and if you threw away your glasses yet! I wish you luck with your practice and eyesight.

The tours were also very interesting, with the Kek Lok Si temple being by far the most amazing, I hope to see it again when the Guan Yin structure is completed. Thanks to Parveen, Joel, Roeland, Chris and Maxime for going to this temple again with me on the last day, it was a beautiful place to visit.

Finally, thanks to all the other course participants and Sije Wei Foong and Taisiheng Chun Nga for the organising of tours and food.

With Gratitude

Alex Baranosky

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Originally Posted by Ish
Alex from the US, Sifu came to our table the day after you left and asked where you were and if you threw away your glasses yet! I wish you luck with your practice and eyesight.

Hi Ish,

I haven't actually thrown them out. But I haven't worn them since Thursday night

Alex Baranosky

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So I want to share my stories. There are actually a lot of little stories from this course.

Some funny ones, like Rasa (who it turns out wasn't even real), or the gale force winds that almost blew my fried rice away, which would have been fine because Roeland and Mark really didn't like it anyway (what do you expect for 6 MYR? )

Some Small Universe ones, These were BIG stories but in comparison to the Big Universe stories they were smaller. I remember feeling this ball of chi just rolling along my ren and du meridians like a giant snow ball getting bigger as it rolled along. I remember feeling my Small Universe flowing along like a stream.

Some Big Universe ones... These were BIG, BIG stories After doing the Spiritual (Transcendental) Big Universe for the second time in a row I pretty much lost it (in a good way). I felt like my feet were pulsing so strongly with chi that it almost hurt, I could sense my yongquans gushing with energy. I felt like I was a wire and the energy of the cosmos was very strongly pulsing through me.

When I was walking around, I felt the urge to run/jog, it wasn't me doing the running per se, but the energy wouldn't let me walk, only jog. That calmed down to a walk and I soon found the energy wouldn't let me sit. Everyone else was sitting and I was still walking. I felt the energy pulsing through me from Heaven down to Earth and then back up again. It felt like I had to tense myself to stop moving... so I didn't, I just kept walking.

Soon most everyone had gone off to their rooms to get changed for the graduation dinner, but I just kept walking, lol. I walked in circles around the Ballroom basking in the juicy chi that Sifu had infused the room with. Of course I was also euphoric. I felt like I was drunk, and everyone else was sober. I'd laugh, for no reason. I finally left the ballroom and went up to my room to get changed, my body still pulsing with waves of energy.

When I got to my room I found my chi wouldn't let me get changed. And the only footwear that didn't felt tense to put on was some flip flops. Oh yes, my glasses... See, I was feeling a sort of waterfall effect down my face and down my ren meridian, and any time I put my glasses back on I would feel it stop up my chi flow. So my chi wouldn't let me put them on either... It felt tense to do so.

Down at the lobby, sitting, waiting to leave I noted to someone that I think I felt at that moment better than I've ever felt. Maybe not the best, because there are different kinds of best feeling (like being in love for example) but definitely I felt top 3 best in my life. Just sitting there bobbing my head to the chi with my eyes closed. I could feel the energy going in waves from my top to my bottom and then back up, fairly quickly.

Eventually this euphoria settled down to more normalcy, but it was pretty great for the time By the time graduation dinner came to a close I started feeling pretty tired. All that good chi at once may have knocked me out.

Except I ended up staying up until 3:20am And then woke up at 7:30am, lol.

Thank you Sifu for a great course, and a great practice to take with me for the rest of my life,


P.S. I asked Sifu about what to do when your chi won't let you stop walking. He said: "just keep walking" Simple enough!

P.P.S. I also asked Sifu what to do about the way my glasses seemed to be stopping up my chi flow. He said: "Great That means you can get rid of your glasses!" Simple enough again! So I haven't worn them since.

Martin Do

Assistant Instructor, Shaolin Wahnam England (2009)


I would also like to take this opportunity to share some personal experiences from the course. During the course, I did not feel strong sensations of chi circulating around the Ren and the Du meridians. However, I did feel very clearly warm chi condensing in my body and overflowing outwards to my arms, head and beyond very frequently. The strange thing is I feel the flow of energy around the Ren and the Du meridians more obviously outside of formal practice. For example, when I was waiting for my brother at a shopping mall in Penang, I relaxed and gave a gentle thought to the flow of energy circulating around the Ren and the Du meridians and instantly I felt it very profoundly . This happened again on many other occasions since.

During the course, I had so many wonderful spiritual experiences. Spiritual experiences which I had on a few occasions was merging with the cosmos. After performing the Small Universe and letting go, I would experience bright white light beaming from my head into the cosmos, I then felt with just a thought, I could be either up there in the cosmos or down here in class. There was no differentiation between there or here, only a gentle thought would make there or here more obvious.

My most treasured experience on the course was on the last day after practicing the Big Universe. Sigung had ask us to send someone our blessing in any form and any way we wanted to. I sincerely sent Guan Shi Yin Pusat my blessings. Immediately as I did so, a huge beam of orange light flowed out of my chest endlessly to the direction in front of me. Immediately afterwards my arms opened up and I find myself embracing a huge orange ball of energy.

Before I carry on, I would like to say that most of the time, I am very joyful and happy in my everyday life and practice and feel things can't get much better than this.

However, this ball of energy was filled with such incredible joy, love and happiness to the extent I had never felt before in this life.

Thank you Sigung for transmitting to us the skills that you so generously give to us. Thank you Sigung for showing us the way.

Kindest regards



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