Shaolin Wahnam Germany
1st May 2014

Dear Sitaigung, dear family,

W hat an absolutely wonderful course! I find it difficult to express in words what these three days of Chi Kung with our beloved Grandmaster and the members of our family have contained for me. If I had to describe it in one sentence I would say it has opened my heart in a subtle but very profound way and lifted my entire being to a new level of happiness and energy.

We are so incredibly lucky to receive the wonderful transmissions of Sitaigung who teaches us with so much ease, joy and skill that are unfathomable. You just have to relax and enjoy the ride and he takes you to places you have never even dreamt of. And then, you come back and see his wonderful smile.

It is a very humbling and inspiring experience words really cannot do justice to. This must probably be the most widely used sentence from people who have had the pleasure and honor to learn from him: Words cannot do it justice.

So I am left with tears of gratitude and joy for what has happened to me and all of us in Toronto, the benefits of which are still unfolding and will surely continue to unfold as we deepen our experience in practice.

For this and everything else you do for us, your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, I thank you very much from the bottom of my heart, dear Sitaigung. It has truly been an honor to learn from you!

Another important aspect of the wonderful experience of the course for me has been meeting all the lovely people from around the world who are part of our Wahnam family. It is a tell-tale sign of wonderful teachings and wonderful teachers that everybody whom I have had the pleasure to meet is indeed a first class version of himself or herself, just like Sitaigung wrote in a recent Q&A. I enjoyed immensely the presence of so many wonderful human beings and the chances to converse and enjoy eating with them. Thank you all for the great time we've had!

Finally, I would like to highlight that the healing session Sitaigung performed on Sisookgung Gusty in the restaurant at the graduation dinner was indeed very impressive. In just some minutes of Chi Flow and intervention of Sitaigung, the swelling of Gusty's arms went down visibly and the colour of the spots turned from purple to pink! I am very happy to hear from Sisookgung's statement above that the healing has taken further effect in just such a short period of time as 3 days! Incredible.

As I finish this post, I would like to thank again everybody who has made this experience possible for us.

Thank you, Sitaigung, for your indeed priceless teachings.

Thank you, Sigupo Jean and Sisookgung Kay for the flawless organisation and for keeping Sitaigung happy with lots of ice cream and coffee. I really enjoyed Sisookgung Kay's testimonal at the end of the course!

Thank you, dear members of our family who have made these wonderful days even better. It has been a joy to meet you and I am sure we will meet again!

Last, but not least, thank you Sifu for initiating me to these priceless arts and teaching me again and again with so much compassion and wisdom. I am a very lucky fellow!

With a big smile,



The above discussion is reproduced from the thread Small Universe Course – Toron to 2014 in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum.



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