Participants of the Sabah Intensive Chi Kung Course

Sifu Christina Dydik

Shaolin Wahnam USA

28th October 2011

Wow, Wow, Wow.

Thanks to Damian and Rosaline for another incredible course in Sabah that I will never forget.

Thanks to Sifu for taking the skills of massaging internal organs and cosmic shower to an entirely new level for me.

Thanks to my amazing family for helping me clear my Karaoke blockage and have a great time!!!

I can not recommend this course enough to anyone who wants to reach the highest heights of qi gong. Not to mention the healing that comes as a result. In many ways this course was like receiving personal qi gong healing from Sifu for a third the cost of his healing sessions!!!!!!!!

I cleared a blockage that apparently has affected me since a life in the animal realm and I can feel the effects of that cleansing release through every cell of my body - a deep pain and sorrow has been lifted and released and I can barely believe the new sense of freedom and joy I will bring to life as a result.

Not only I but some of the other course participants showed amazing results in only three days of Qigong with Sifu. I wish some of my fellow Healing course participants could have been there to see one of our classmates who came barely able to walk and needing constant care from his wife - not only walk on his own but even run a bit in just two days!!!! For a healer or even just a qigong instructor to witness this incredible transformation is a gift of confidence that is truly priceless.

There are more gifts on this course than I would ever have imagined and I am truly grateful to myself for taking this opportunity.

Of course I would be remiss to leave out the effects of such awesome course participants!! The Qigong course participants were AWESOME and we definitely made the most of our friendships and laughter and singing and dancing!! This course is one I will NEVER forget and just a thought of it brings the biggest smile to my face!! Thanks to all of you for being so bright and full of life and love and so willing to share your light with me and everyone around you.

Not to mention the cosmic shower sure helped on the long journey home!

Christina Bickley Didyk, DOM


Participants enjoying meditation at the Sabah Intensive chi Kung Course

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