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Grandmaster Wong demonstrating to Nick a combat sequence from the Flower Set

Nick Rawson

Shaolin Wahnam England

28th October 2011

Dear Family,

I am writing to tell you my experience at the recent Shoalin Special Intensive Course.

It was one of the richest experiences of my life, and I would say without question, my most favourite week ever.

The course actually felt more like five courses. One every day of the week. Which actually felt like a month. But may also have passed as quickly as a minute.

Time didn't really exist for us. It felt like we were training in a cosmic cloud, high in the hills of a fairy tale land.

Every morning we awoke reborn, and took the drive to the wonderful training hall with fresh eyes and hearts. I very much enjoyed these drives. Wonderful views, and wonderful company.

The sky in Sabah was breathtaking.

As least senior of the group I was incredibly humbled to be accepted.

I knew I had to work hard to keep up.

Throughout the course I found myself confronted with many strange and perverted thoughts, insecurities and obstacles to overcome. And had to keep reminding myself throughout each day that my blockages do not define me, they only shield me from my real self.

With my energy focused on the realisation of becoming 'a shiny scholar warrior' (thank you Ti Sipak), I hope my heart is strong enough to continue through any future training difficulties, and I am reminded once again, how important it is to have a good foundation, strong, clear and true aims and objectives, and a deep respect and understanding of The Ten Laws of Shaolin.

Over the week, Sigung showed us glimpses of his own Kung Fu, which was unbelievable to watch, and incredibly inspiring. The demonstration of the spirit of the tiger, snake, crane, leopard and dragon was simply incredible.

There was also a Monkey demonstration!

My favorite however, was when Sigung performed an impromptu improvised demonstration from the Shaolin Flower Set.

If I had to try to describe this in words, it would be something akin to the spectacle of Niagara Falls, aurora borealis, and the summit of Mount Everest, combined, expressed with the power of the ocean and the beauty and stillness of the clearest night sky. It was easily the most amazing thing I have ever seen!

After the awesome performance, we all gathered round Sigung, who in an instant had transformed back into a normal looking, gentle and smiley teacher.

Silence engulfed us. It was the quietest moment I have ever felt. During my nightly reflection on the day just gone, I thought how amazing Sigung's Kung Fu was. And that although it was such a treat to see Sigung's Kung Fu form, the display was just a tiny glimpse.

The most wonderful part of our beloved teacher's Kung Fu lies in his incredible teaching ability, his skill in opening our hearts, helping us to see our true selves, and empowering us to enrich our lives and the lives of other people.

I thought how incredibly lucky I was to be in Sabah, to be a part of this wonderful school, to share the experience with new found brothers and sisters.

I have a long way to go, though I am so sure of this path, and have so much faith in the Shaolin Ideal, and our incredible school and family.

Thanks to all the course participants, it was really great hanging out with you, and sharing the journey.

Thank you Dr Damian, Ti Sipak.

Thank you so so much Sigung.

Warm wishes to everyone,


Flower Set

Grandmaster Wong demonstrating "Double Worshipping of the Buddha" from the flower Set

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