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Sifu Mark, Sifu Jeffrey, Dr Roseline, Dr Damian, Grandmaster Wong, Sifu Eugene, Sifu Christina and Sifu Chris at the Sabah Special Shaolin-Taijiquan Course, October 2011

Sifu Christina Dydik

Shaolin Wahnam USA

28th October 2011

Dear Family,

Master in full bloom
Unfolding as the lotus
He lifts us skyward

Body, Mind, Energy unite
Flowing forcefulness expands
A glimpse of Ultimate

Great friends, family
Sharing power, joy and love
Loving our Master

Thank you Sifu, Rosaline, Daminan and to all the amazing participants of this incredible course.

It is true that better qi flow leads to better luck as each course I go to gets better than the course before ias if Sifu becomes unbelievably more and more generous with his teaching.

Sifu now transmits in such a way that we seem to have the skill he is teaching immediately without having to do anything. However, now when we are back home is the time to put these incredible gifts into practice. Sifu has said the best present we can give him is to practice - now we have truly incredible skills to put both into our daily practice as well as every aspect of our lives! Thank you Sifu for enriching our lives on such a deep level and you can be certain that I will be diligent in practice and ready for even more on the next course!!

Like Chris, I was uncertain just how much deeper the Flower Set could go after the regional intensive in Finland. Now I laugh at my ignorance. After the mind level teaching of the Wudang Set Sifu asked us to choose a force training method from our special set and apply the skills of mind leading energy to it.

I of course chose the Double Worshipping of Budhha from the Flower Set and from the first moment of entering the goat stance I felt something much different than I had ever experienced before - all at once time slowed down and the level of force I felt can only be likened to standing in the middle of a black hole slowly drawing in the power of the universe around me - I felt dense, full, relentlessly absorbing and peaceful yet focused intensity radiating throughout my body.

In less than a moment as I just began the thought of starting the movement my arms moved more fluidly, faster and more forcefully than I imagined possible. The faster I went the slower and more charged I felt - surely the downward chopping could have sliced through an arm or leg.

When i began to release the forward palm strikes and walk toward the wall the force grew and grew simply exploding out of me and giving me an experience for which I have no comparison and no words.

I became aware of the energy of the entire room as well as the energy of the beautiful park around me all at once and the level of mental clarity i experienced afterwards felt on a level higher than humanly possible. My mind was scrubbed free, clear and sharper than ever - every detail around me full, alive and incredibly beautiful.

I could have merged right then and there and blissfully become without thought or fear yet instantaneously realized how lovely and exciting this world actually is and how lucky we are to be a part of it. Incredible.

Sifu, words are not enough to thank you so I promise my practice will reflect just how grateful I am to you and your unimaginable generosity.

Just this morning while practicing the Wudang Set I applied the Form then Flow then Force then finally Mind levels to the first section of the set and sure enough each repetition was exponentially more powerful than ever before. The gift you have given us continues to give!

Thank you to all my brothers and sisters and nephews on the course - working out the applications was incredible - you all have some great kungfu minds!!

Thanks to Mark for letting me look good and toss you around some more!

I can't wait to see you all again!


From the Heart

Flower Set

Sifu Christina sparring with her husband, Sifu Chris at the Sabah Special Shaolin-Taijiquan Course

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