Pierre and Grandmaster Wong in Tantui poise

Shaolin Wahnam Canada
20th May 2014

Dear Sifu, and Family and Friends,

Nearly a month has passed since I had the privilege of participating in the Magic of Shaolin Tantui course and yet, as my fingers move to type this post, I can feel in my every cell the resonance of the wealth of teaching that Sifu passed on to the participants of that course.

I still feel energy that swept through the room when Sifu entered with an exuberance I'd not seen before, and began teaching almost immediately. I still feel the excitement that bubbled up in myself; that echoed in my fellow attendees from Sifu's first words. I still feel the wonder at seeing how Sifu's teaching methodology has, amazingly, continued to evolve and continued to produce almost unbelievable results in such a short time. Those needing "hard" evidence need only consider how all participants were able to acquit themselves well in sparring, when some of them had very little in the way of a formal martial background.

Most of all, I still feel awe at the profundity that lies behind the Tantui Sequences, their application, and most of all, how the genuine practice of Tantui (and this also applies to all the Shaolin arts) is Triple Cultivation. This latter point was, for myself at the very least, the greatest of the many secrets that Sifu so generously shared. This course certainly was, as Sifu described it in the weeks leading up to it, "historic."

Thank you, Sifu, for giving a course that took me well beyond the understanding of Kungfu and the Shaolin arts that I had cultivated up to this point. Thank you, Sifu, for creating an environment in which to experience the challenges, wonders, joys, and, of course, the Magic of Shaolin Tantui.

Thanks are also due to Emiko Sije for all her hard work in organizing the course and in ensuring that the participants were prepared to give their best in order to get the best out of the course. Your efforts, Sije, set the stage for the Magic to happen.

Thanks also to the particpants -- it was a joy and privilege to work with each and every one of you.

Thanks to the Divine and to all the masters past and present for their blessings.

With deep gratitude,
Yours, humbly,



Students engaged in Tantui sparring

The above discussion is reproduced from the thread The Magic of Shaolin Tantui - 2014 in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum.



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