Wudang Taijiquan, Tai chi Chuan

Grandmaster Wong demonstrating Wudang Taijiqun at the mind level


Shaolin Wahnam Holland

19th October 2011

Another Shaolin Treasure - How to train at the level of Mind

Hello everybody,

This afternoon has been one of the most amazing sessions I have ever had with Sigung. It started with Sigung saying, “Today we will learn another of the treasures of Shaolin -- how to practice the Wudang set.” What followed was Sigung teaching us to practice the Wudang set, or any other set for that matter, directly at the level of mind.

To me it felt like a new progression in Sigung’s teaching of the flow method, teaching us how to use the mind to move chi and from there the form. It was very powerful.

For me the best part was seeing Sigung demonstrating part of different sets on the level of mind. For lack of a better understanding, it felt like my mind was crystallizing and sharpening while watching.

It felt like I was taken to a place that I faintly knew and recognized from other courses, but was now transmitted really clearly and deeply -- the intensity in Sigung's eyes, the clarity of attention in his movements, like eternity and timelessness at the same time. Just great|

Take care.

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Wudang aijiquan, Tai Chi Chuan

Jeroen performing "Cosmos First Emerges"

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