Wing Choon Kungfu

Michael and Andrea demonstrating a Wing Choon application during the course

Michael Hedgeson

Shaolin Wahnam USA

20th March 2011

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to express how amazing the Wing Choon course (3rd to 7th March 2011) with Sifu was. Actually, now that I say that out loud, I doubt that I have the skill with words necessary to convey just how awesome it was. It was.... awesome.

I believe someone mentioned on this thread that Sifu's demonstration of Siu Lim Tou alone would be worth the trip, and after experiencing/receiving it directly, I whole heartedly agree. Far more than having a new form for developing internal force, I've found, to no surprise, that the quality of ALL methods I know has increased and evolved in subtle but wonderful ways! Even Golden Bridge can feel soft and flowing!

On the first day of the course Sifu said that even if we were to take this course and NEVER practice the Wing Choon we learned ever again, it would still be of great benefit to us and our other practices to have attended. I am already amazed at the benefits WITH practicing.

Honestly, it is difficult for me to put the personal benefits of the course into words. Things that were difficult and required significant will power and emotional energy for me before the course seem to be effortless. My day to day life feels so smooth and flowing. Conflicts don't feel so conflicted. Responsibilities seem to have lost their weight.

My burning desire to get "better better better!!!" appears to have mellowed into enjoying where I'm at, and looking forward to where I'll be in the future as I continue to practice. =) I'm very happy!!! Spontaneous smile/laughter sessions keep erupting in the midst of the most normal day to day activities!

Ah! And the Blue Mountain!!! Please, if you haven't experienced this beautiful and inspiring sanctuary in Costa Rica, make it possible for yourself to visit. It is a breathtaking and magical place. Thank you Siheng Rama for making such a place possible, and for your warmth and hospitality during the course. I truly felt like family from the moment I stepped out of the van. Thank you so much.

Thank you Simon for everything! You are a kind and gracious host, and your archery's not bad either I look forward to training with you again in the near future!... be it at the Mountain... or a different tropical country we all know and love... =)

And thank you to everyone who shared this amazing course with me! If you ever find yourselves in Gainesville, or would like to visit (and do some Kung Fu!) my home is yours.

But most of all, Thank you Sifu, for sharing these life-changing arts with a student as unworthy as myself. Thank you for creating this Wahnam family that has become my family. Thank you, and all the past masters, for generously and tirelessly sharing, spreading, and preserving these arts that I love so much, and that have become the cornerstone to my life.

Love and Gratitude to you all,


Wing Choon Kungfu

After working out a sophisticated application, Akemi and Michael ask Grandmaster Wong a question

The above discussion is reproduced from the thread 18-Lohan Art and Wing Choon with Sifu Wong at the Blue Mountain in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum.


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