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Shaolin Wahnam Costa Rica
26th May 2014

Dear Sigung

Thank you from my heart for the opportunity to experience The Magic of Shaolin Tanuti Course in Toronto.The whole experience was for me a dream coming true.

I never imagine at 51 learning such an amazing art from such an amazing master.

I was deeply touched by your generosity and wisdom and I will always honor and be grateful toward your unconditional gift.

For the first time in my life I experienced for a few seconds what it feels to have almost no thoughts.Thank you Sigung from my heart for planting the seeds that will continue to grow and I will continue to treasure.

Your wisdom, outstanding skills and generosity regarding the Shaolin arts is a celebration of joy and real knowledge that I wish will continue to travel generation through generation.

The organization of the course, team work and level of respect created the perfect space for me to deeply learn and honor Sigungs teachings. Thank you Sifu.

Dear Sigung I will humbly like to share some of the things I learned during the course:

I learned the importance of attending a course with faith, humbleness and an open heart.

I Learned that it does not matter what your level or skills are, there are always challenges to overcome and if we let go of fear and extra thoughts, we will flow much better and it will be easier for the student to retain the teaching.

I experienced the power of transformation of this amazing art where your spirit wakes up and your body heals and rejuvenates much faster.

I experienced during the course a deeper level of awareness and internal force.I will continue to smile from the heart and practice everyday this wonderful art.

I cannot wait for Hawaii to continue to learn and receive your teachings.

Thank you Sigung for sharing such special teaching. The whole course was an amazing gift.

With lots of Respect, Joy and Gratitude

Shaolin Greetings



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