Drunken Eight Immortals

Gold Coin on Ground

Nick Rowson

Shaolin Wahnam England

8th August 2011

The Drunken Eight Immortals!!!!

I really love this set.

I am still learning it, and I'm lacking in the level of footwork, force and general awareness required to make a lot of this high level Kung Fu 'work', however I really enjoy performing the parts I know.

Before I went to summer camp I found set practice the most difficult area of my daily practice.

I found it particularly hard to maintain a clear mind, and not attach to mistakes I was making. Often I would miss set practice out, in favor of more force training, chi flow or pattern/ application practice.

I found learning Kung Fu sets from videos very hard work, and not something I would choose to do for fun.

To my surprise, on return from camp, I am really enjoying breaking down the set and learning the sections which I found most difficult. I feel a sense of freedom and joy when I'm performing the movements of the Immortals.. and a sense of child like intrigue and amazement at the patterns, their application and their execution.

Drunken Eight Immortals

The throat-locking hook of Immortal Cao Guo Jiu

My favorite pattern at the moment is 'Gold Coin On Ground'.

I also really like the Kung Fu of Immortal Cao Guo Jiu, and Immortal Han Xiang Zi. Though I find performing these sections the most difficult. The footwork is really beautiful..and I really want to move like that!

The Clutch Kicks of Immortal Li are fantastic..

I was wondering about rigging some sort of mechanical contraption to help develop agility, coordination and skill with this leg work, assuming a suitable partner was not available. Anyone have any ideas there?!

The whole week was magical. Really special.

Thank you very much to all the lovely people who took part. It was an honor spending time with you.

Thank you to Sisook Robin, and Sifu Fleur for the fantastic organization.

Thank you Sigung, for traveling so far to teach us.

I am really speechless every time I try and rationalise all you have done for me. It is such a lot.

Thank you.

Thank you to the Eight Immortals. And to the past masters.

Best wishes to everyone.

Whoooo Hoooooooo.

Nick .

Drunken Eight Immortals

The Cluch Kick of Immortal Li

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