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16th April 2011

Thank you Sigung and Shaolin Wahnam.

It was a life changing experience for all 8 of us. And it is still continuing, well after the course was over.

Penang was beautiful ... so beautiful, I felt guilty for my family not enjoying the sights, sounds and people.

Giving extreme thanks to Sigung for initiating us to master's level skills and for inspiring us all. He was extremely generous in both skill teaching and advice. In 5 days' time, he teaches 50 years worth of extremely high level arts and skills.

Some of my favorite quotes from Sigung:

There were of course a lot more.

Thanks to Wei Foong for all of her help and guidance from way before day 1 and well after day 7. Wei Foong, thank you, your work and your company was and is well appreciated.

It was an honor, privilege and a pleasure to be around and train with such fine gentlemen. All of you have a special place in my heart. Thank you Nick, Bart, Mauro, Martin, Leroy, Warren and Leon. It was phenomenal to see growth and development of such a high calibre in a short period of time.

Thanks and respect to all Shaolin Wahnam Sifus and practitioners that trained with Sigung before the "softened" course, because if he was soft with us in Penang (and he was), I can only imagine before...

Special thanks to Sifu Mark Blohm, who inspired me and advised me to go to Malaysia to learn from Sigung, and for initiating me into a wonderful art. I wouldn't progress or go this far if it wasn't for his help and guidance. Thank you Sifu Blohm.

BTW, I would like to be called Handsome Bear now, if possible. (Thank You, Sigung.)


If you want to soar to the heights and reach the depths of Kung Fu, you must practice Chi Kung; if you want to soar to the heights and reach the depths of Chi Kung, you must practice meditation.
- Sitaigung Ho Fatt Nam

You are doing well. Carry on.
- Sigung Wong Kiew Kit

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Shaolin Kung Fu

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