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Participants of Generating Energy Flow class at UK Summer Camp 2011

Nick Rowson

Shaolin Wahnam England

17th July 2011

Dear Family.

With continued good luck, I was graced once again, with the golden opportunity of taking Sigung's amazing course, generating energy flow.

It was lovely to see happy faces from all over the world; old as well as new.

And even more lovely to see Sigung teaching in the UK.

It was so nice when he burst into the hall, full of energy and happiness. It might sound silly, but that almost makes the course worthwhile... just that moment.

Thanks Sifu Robin for all your hard work, and congratulations on the start of what will undoubtedly be remembered as an epic week.

Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually this course was hard work. I felt really really pushed. And to be honest, I still don't know exactly what happened to me. I was surprised at how tough i found it, and am writing so others who perhaps overlook GEF as a potential opportunity for development seriously consider attending. Sigung's teaching is incredible!!

Thank you so much Sigung for the continued help and motivation you provide me. You push me to achieve a step closer, day by day, on the journey towards the discovery of our true nature.

I know that this journey can not always be bathed in golden light and things are not always easy and fun, but through persistence, perseverance and acceptance I am sure I will find true happiness and contentment.

Thank you for the continued reminder of how lucky we are to be alive, and how great and joyous life is.

Thank you for your incredible example, the lighthouse that can guide us through the storm.

With the greatest respect and deepest gratitude.

Your student,


Lifting the Sky

Lifting the Sky

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