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Grandmaster Wong shows how to develop internal force using the "flow method"

Sifu Fleur Chapman

Shaolin Wahnam Chi Kung Healer

13th Janaury 2011

Hello from Winter Wonderland,

The course so far has been a total joy, and yesterday was without doubt the best kung fu session I've had the privilege to take part in.

Earlier in the course, Sifu mentioned we were training the 'best of the best', referring to the set and our Shaolin arts. Not wishing at all to be 'smarter than the Master', I'd have to say it's actually the 'best of the best of the best' - as we are also the first to benefit from some incredible advances in his teaching methodology.

In the opening part of the session we practiced individual patterns from the Ta Chong (building force on stances) section of the set, using mind to lead chi. This is a progression from the flow method we trained the day before. Within 10 minutes, many people experienced more internal force than they'd ever felt before; achieved breakthroughs, clearing longstanding blockages; or had some profound spiritual experiences.

The results were so powerful we had to take a short break. After we came back, we applied this same method to the first two combat sequences from Ta Sei Moon (four gates), building from individual patterns, to sequences, then performing the sequences in all four directions.

It was amazing how quickly everyone progressed. For myself, I'm sure this will make a really significant difference to my kungfu; instead of my mind getting in the way of my movements, it felt free and clear. I'm not saying I can perform the skill well yet, or consistently; but I've no doubt it's there, and with further training after the course, will develop and deepen.

I remembered Sifu mentioning at Summer Camp that he could now teach at a new level of 'heart attainment', so I asked about this and he explained how he had crystallized his methods to transmit skills so 'completely' and directly. I'm not sure if these are 'closed secrets' so won't say any more for now, but he did add that what we had achieved was just the beginning.

He also mentioned the course was the first time he has taught this skill in this way. So we are very lucky - to learn in 10 minutes what many masters may take at least a year to accomplish is quite something.

Everyone was overwhelmed by the morning's training, very happy and very grateful.

Best wishes to all,


Shaolin Flower Set

Miguel of Portugal and Sifu Nick of England using the "flow method" in sparring

The above discussion is reproduced from the thread Shaolin Flower Set and Asking Bridge Course Discussion in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum.


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