6-12 and 12-18 December 2014, Penang

Dragon Strength

Course participants of the Dragon Strength Course from 6th to 12th December 2014

Dragon Strength represents the pinnacle of Grandmaster Wong's kungfu development. As there were many more participants that space available, two courses were courses were held, one from 6th to 12th December, and the other from 12th to 19th December 2014. Three very special skills not taught before by Grandmaster Wong, were taught at the two courses, namely dragon force, dragon speed (or lightning speed) and dim mak.

The experiences below were from course participants reproduced from the thread Dragon Strength Course Experiences from our Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum. Please click on the topics to view the discussion.

  1. Two Great Realizations
  2. Complete Transformation of my Training -- Dragon Force, Lightning Speed and Dim Mak
  3. My Direct Experience of Dim-Mak
  4. Expansion into the Cosmos
  5. Lightning Speed, Dragon Force and Dim Mak
  6. Summoning Tea, Plants and Automobiles
  7. I'm Still in Awe of Everything We Learned and Experienced
  8. The Incredible Lightning Speed or Dragon Speed
  9. A Wealth of Amazing Skills
  10. Dragon Force is Different; It's More Alive, More Vibrant, More Powerful and Spiritual
  11. I Felt Like a Child at the Dragon Strength Course
  12. Dim Mark is Genuine
  13. One Month Later

Dragon Strength

Course participants of the Dragon Strength Course from 12th to 18th December 2014


Videos of Dragon Strength Course 6-12 December 2014
Videos of Dragon Strength Course 12-18 December 2014

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