Dragon Strength

After Lizzie had applied dim-mak on Sifu Hubert, Sifu Hubert (at the far back) did some vigorous physical movements to accelerate the dim-mak effects so that they would manifest in a few minutes instead of a few hours (which would be too long for this course)

Sifu Hubert Razack
Instructor, Shaolin Wahnam Canada
28th December 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

As others, I think one of the highlights for me was experiencing the effect of Dim Mak - which also happened to be one of the most fun part of the course!

One of such experiences was after Marisa tried it on me on the right shoulder. I felt the effect straightaway. It was similar to some dark ink spreading through a sheet of paper. An area inside my shoulder started to spread, which felt like an expanding dark-colored blob. After some point my shoulder and arm kind of lost their structure, and I could not hold them straight anymore. They were very heavy and somehow disconnected from the rest of the body. After Marisa removed the Dim Mak and after the chi flow it was all back to normal.

The second experience was after Lizzie applied it on my upper back. At first I did not feel anything. I followed Sifu's instructions, and proceeded to do some vigorous physical movements to accelerate the effects. Then it happened - I felt my throat starting to close up. It was as if a big snake was inside my throat, constricting it and increasingly tightening. My voice actually changed as I could not breathe very well. It kept on closing, so I promptly asked Lizzie if she could kindly remove it :-) Once again, after the Dim Mak was removed and after the chi flow it was all back to normal.

I don't know if it sounds that fun just reading it, but in fact as we were taught what to do to remove the Dim Mak, it was fascinating to experience. It can be described at length, but as always nothing beats direct experience.

The most remarkable about all of this is that not only was Sifu able to transmit such a skill, but he chose to do so to all the students present at the course. Thank you from my heart Sifu for such a privilege.

With warmest wishes,

Hubert Razack

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Dragon Strength

This would sound odd to many people, but Grandmaster Wong explained how to take out a dim-mak injury after it had been applied on an opponent

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