Dragon Strength

Course participants practicing the Dragon Strength Set. Sifu Matt Fenton is second from the left.

Sifu Matt Fenton
Shaolin Wahnam USA
8th December 2014

Thank you Sihing for starting this thread!

I had two very great realizations during this morning's session. And while not directly related to Dragon Strength, I think they are worth sharing.

The first was as we practiced the set, specifically training picture-perfect form only and intentionally not developing force. I experienced how much focus (mind level) was required to do that. Before learning from Sifu, I would try and try and try to develop just a tiny bit of force, and had zero luck doing so. But now, after practicing what Sifu has taught us, it is a struggle to practice without developing force! It's a complete reversal!

The second realization came after we practiced the set using form integrated with breathing. It was very nice, and developed a very gentle, smooth flowing internal force. And while it was a nice experience, it was only a small "stepping stone" in our progress. But this would have been an extremely high level experience in my training before learning from Sifu! It's only mid-way into our second day, and we've already surpassed the level so many practitioners strive to someday attain. It's truly humbling to be part of this training.

Specific to Dragon Strength, early this morning we practiced the opening, arm spreading movements with integrated breathing. During standing meditation, I experienced a new level of mental clarity, or rather full body clarity. The "wiped clean" sensation of mental clarity, that I have experienced in the past, had spread through my entire body, and my mind and body felt wiped clean. It wasn't a sensation of flowing, and not a forceful sensation. I just felt totally flushed out and wiped clean. It is difficult to explain, but was very nice!

Day two/evening session coming up!


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