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Tai Chi Chuan class in Killarney

Dominic Roche

Shaolin Wahnam Ireland

20th April 2015

Dear Shaolin Wahnam Family and Virtual Kwoon Readers,

Three weeks have passed since the Tai chi Chuan course here in Killarney and they have been a wonderful three weeks of self-realisation and application of Tai Chi Chuan principles which have come to life in everyday living.

The course was full of fun, valuable lessons and life skills. It felt like every movement during the course gave me little glimpses and realisations of where I can apply the principles we were learning and what I need to adjust to improve my life and myself.

For example while practicing moving into bow arrow stance Sifu corrected the distance I move out to a shorter distance and after this it felt effortless to perform. When we talked about what we learned from practising moving out into bow arrow, I realised that I over stretch myself a lot in daily life. I have made a great effort to be aware of this correction during my daily practice and I feel my Tai Chi Chuan has become more fun, flowing and it has become easier to perform sets and sequences.

Another lesson I have gained during the course is how important it is to stand in a proper wuji stance. Now this was incredible. I have never felt wuji so grounded after Sifu correcting my stance. I felt lighter and connected to my dan tian which felt solid with chi. From wuji we moved to the Tai Chi stance and back again. Another realisation surfaced with in me of how wonderful it would be to feel like this all the time, every day, and that this is how life should feel and be. Grounded, flowing from my dan tian, moving from situation to situation effortlessly with awareness and solidness. This is something that I have been missing in life for a while. I have had a tendency to lose my dan tian during the day, my chi floats up and I tend to rush. Now this has completely changed during the last while. I feel relaxed and grounded during the day and I’m enjoying life and work more wholesomely.

Another wonderful lesson that arose on the course was for us to find a way around the problem. This was really highlighted when we practiced the false leg stance. During one of the stance training sessons Sifu instructed us to find a way around the tendency to lift out of false leg stance. I smiled form the heart, let my chi flow down my leg and had a thought that it would work out and it felt like something pushed through me on an energy level, my spirit expanded and the stance became really enjoyable. Finding a way around the problem in daily life has become very useful to me recently and solutions just appear as from nowhere once I stay relaxed, smiling from the heart and have a thought that it will work out.

More lessons surfaced during pushing hands, lessons like having a good bow arrow will keep you grounded and relaxed. I have realised that I am a better follower than leader. I have become aware of this over the last while and I have made a better effort to lead when it is time to do so, and follow when it is time to do so. I feel myself becoming more assertive and my drive to succeed in life has increased.

Overall my life has become more fun and meaningful. My love and gratitude for the simple things in life has increased. My life expectations has become more grounded which I feel has improved my daily happiness. My ability to deal with my work has improved and business has increased since I have become more relaxed about getting more business in.

I want to thank my Sifu for the incredible lessons during this course and every time I attend class and ask for help.

I want to thank Sigung for sharing the wonderful art Of Tai Chi Chuan with us.

Best wishes,

The above discussion is reproduced from the thread Introduction to Wahnam Tai Chi Chuan Level 1 and 2 in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum.


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