The Heart of Confidence


Shaolin Wahnam USA

28th October 2011

I couldn't have asked for a more transformational experience, especially one that came via simply sitting and listening to Sifu for 5 days.

The skills Sifu transmitted to us were actually immensely practical, as Sijie Joan put it. I too, like so many of us, came with my heavy bag of doubts as to whether or not I had attained a skill level to be learning qigong healing. Nonetheless, I put my confidence in Sifu's judgement, emptied my mind of expectations, and went.

Sifu wasted no time instilling in us that much of our success as healers comes from our own confidence both in ourselves and the wonderful art we practice. As I continued expecting more so-called practical work and not getting it, it quickly became clear to me that we weren't getting it because we already had the practical skills. We just needed the heart of confidence.

At some point, somebody asked if we were going to learn more methods for transmitting qi and opening up points and Sifu said, "No, don't worry about that. I used to do that 20 years ago, use my new method now." Just like that, my last vestiges of doubt were gone.

I could go on and on about how Sifu targeted many of my blockages and smashed them to pieces, but I'll just highlight the point that proved to be the most precious to me, which I touched on somewhat during my speech at the graduation dinner (following my graceful little step up to the stage).

Our own confidence, and that we instil in our patients, is the most important part of the treatment. Our confidence and healing start from the heart. From within they manifest on our surfaces with all of our beauty and potential.

The more we realize that, the deeper and more profound our skills become -- in healing, in qigong, kungfu, and taijiquan practice, and in our daily lives. And as those skills continue to deepen, we find a path back to where we finally merge again with the One.

Thank you Sifu.

With humble gratitude,

The Heart of Confidence

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