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Wudang Taijiquan

Sifu Claudien Scicluna
Shaolin Wahnam Malta
10th December 2013

Waves upon waves of bliss...

I am now in my room just after the morning Wudang session trying to write this post. Why do I say 'trying' to write this post? It is because every minute or two I have to stop, sit back and allow an amazing feeling of expansion to happen. I just don't want to do anything except being with this feeling of continuous expansion, wave upon wave of expansion, with my mouth gently open, this experience has been going on for the past 20 - 30 minutes.

This experience has been building up since the start of the course, even when we were still at very basic form level, but has intensified beyond anything that words can explain following this morning's practice session of Wudang at 'mind level'. We didn't do much more than maybe 20 minutes of 'mind level' training but it was so profound and intense.

As soon as I went into the practice there was no longer me but 'nothingness' and 'everythingness' at the same time. There was just a still aware presence. This process goes on while I am writing this. It feels like lotus flowers opening up in my heart centre in a never ending way. As soon as one flower fully opens, another flower just opens spontaneously from the middle of the previous flower ad infinitum with waves and waves of bliss running through my whole being.

I guess this could be a glimpse of what the Great Immortal Zhang San Feng experienced on the Wudang mountain.

Dear Sifu, words cannot express what I am experiencing through your teachings. The eternal in me is profoundly grateful to You.

With blessings to all,

Love is wonderful, because anyone with love in his heart wants to see everyone in bliss, everyone healthy and everyone availing freedom. This is the state of a man who considers the world as his family. Such are the wise man, the great souls. (Shri Shantananda Saraswati)

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