Tim Hoorenz performing the Drunken Eight Immortals

Tim Hoorenz

Shaolin Wahnam Belgium

5th November 2011

I am just back from Penang since yesterday.

What can I say? This is the most high level course I have ever been on.

Sitting there, in a class room, taking notes and listening to Sifu's expertise on the subject. I didn't read the Complete Book on Chinese Medicine written by Sifu, and was very happy to see that the first days covered what was in the book.

From the beginning on, Sifu explained everything so crystal clear and systematically, that following and understanding went so, so well! How Sifu goes through the material, so clear, really amazing!! Me, a total freshman in the field, everything made so much sense, I didn't loose track about what was explained at all!

The transmission was very high level, and that by just sitting there and listening! Purely Heart to Heart, straight on the mind-level. I have had some amazing experiences, sitting there, listening to the Teachings. When Sifu explained about strategies, I felt like a General looking out from above on a battlefield... everything became crystal clear, I was absorbing the Teachings as a General. This mind-set also gave me such strong confidence and courage.. and this was only just the beginning.

In the middle of the course I became emotional, almost in tears just to be realizing we actually will be able to help people overcome so-called incurable diseases. Later in the Course my mind expanded, so much it tried to push through my physical body.. I feel for myself, this was ment to be. This is how my life is turning out. This is my destiny.

Now that the Course is ended, I am back home with an expanded and hightened mind, a very strong confidence and courage, and an open Heart. When I smile from the Heart it is like a lotus flower opening up and spreading around me. I changed so much in these few days. All Healing starts from the Heart. As well as with the patient as with the Healer.

I have alot of work to do now, study Sifu's book on Chinese Medicine, study the meridians, energy points, study through the video's from the Course (thanks alot to Sije Wei Foong for the hard work you did to make those videos happen!). And then, when everything is organized and well prepared, and when the seeds from the course start sprouting (they already are ), to make this happen.

My heartfelt thanks to Sifu, passing down the beautiful and Great Shaolin Arts. Thank you for convincing me to do this Course when I had doubts, and believing in me. Thank you so much for your guidance, and making me the person I am today. Thank you to all my Seniors and class-mates, for your inspiration and kindness, and for the fun times.

Tim Hoorenz

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

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