Xingyiquan sparring

Sifu Anton Schmick

Instructor, Shaolin Wahnam Germany

23rd July 2013

Hello Family from this simply amazing course!

It is fantastic -- we have a lot of fun here in Guildford with today (2nd day) around 5 hours of systematic and free sparring using Xingyiquan.

I would like to thank Sigung for his kind teaching and Sisooks Mark, Barry and Tim as well as Sigujie Fleur for oragnizing and making us all feel very comfortable here.

Here is a brief summary of the days (feel free to add in case I´ve missed something)

1st day:

Basic Stance Work
Santi Stance and 3 modes:
1. Flow
2. Connection
3. Expanding
Five Elemental Fists
Twelve Animal Forms

Isn´t it fantastic what we covered in a single day?

2nd day:

Santi Stance:
1. Expansion
2. Flow
A lot of Footwork with Pi Quan
Form-Force-Flow Method
1. straight
2. different directions
Attacking Boxer
Attacking Kick Boxer
Attacking Judoka-Boxer
And Attacking Shaolin Qin Na
& Free Sparring against mixed attacks

Fantastic, isn´t it?

Here is a set of pictures by David Spink who seems to enjoy his work very much


Santi Stance

3rd Day

Santi Stance in 3 modes
Applying Chi Kung State of mind in daily life
Introduction to applying 36 strategies in daily life
Discovering and sharing the application of 5 elemental fists
Discovering and sharing the application of the 12 animal forms
Philosophy and Background of Xingyiquan
Expressing Gratitude to General Yue Fei

4th Day

Santi Stance in chosen Mode for 10 min
Form-Flow-Force approach for Five-Element-Continuous-Fist (gradual progress from each sub-sequence, to 1 section, to 2 sections to the whole set)
Relevance of Flow in Decision-Making, Business and Daily Life
For the first time in all courses I have visited, Sigung asked us to create our own combat sequences using the "Five-Element-Continuous-Fist" aiming at application, force and suitable levels from beginners to advanced in terms of combat philosophy and skills
Instead of "serving us fish", Sigung taught us how to "catch fish"

Day 5

Santi Stance in chosen mode
1. Flow
2. Coordination
3. Expansion
Selected Combat Sequences from Five-Elemental-Fists
Creating Combat Sequences from Twelve Animal Forms (in about 45 minutes)
Understanding basics of pressing:
1. create sequence
2. cover
3. proper footwork
4. press to the wall
Creating own pressing sequence
Practicing own pressing sequence
Applying own pressing sequence on our partner
Discovering and removing weaknesses of the sequence
Apply again
Understanding application of our combat philosophy in daily life

And then the Highlight of UK Summercamp:
two successful proposals and arranging marriages by using Shaolin philosophy and 36 strategies

I would like to thank all for this wonderful course!

Kindest regards,

Engage and maintain joyful practice!

May all of you get the best benefits from what you do.

Anton Schmick
Shaolin Wahnam Germany Nord


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Combat sequence from animal form

The above discussion is reproduced from the thread Xingyiquan at Summer Camp UK 2013 in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum.


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