Neil Burden

Neil Burden practising a Shaolin zhang zhuang pattern in a Shangrila setting

My search is finally over! Thank you Sifu for the inner peace I've recieved from your intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course.

I have been a practitioner of martial arts ever since I was twelve, and started training from your excellent books in December of 1996, when I recieved your "The Compete Book of Tai Chi Chuan" as a gift. Soon I was using the techniques contained in your books in the classroom and even my local teacher asked me who I was now training with!

I now have almost all your books, with your Zen book just reciently ordered. My aims and objectives I set for taking your course were

  1. To thank you personally for helping me overcome the little injuries I've recieved over the years from training in other martial arts. Even before meeting you, I was able to heal myself with the techniques contained in your books.

  2. To thank you for the time saved from having the correct training methods and access to the knowledge of the ancient masters.

  3. To make sure my interpreitation of your training methods was correct and to rectify any mistakes.

  4. To experence the romance of the classical kungfu knight, traveling to Shangrila to be accepted by Sifu.

I achieved all these objectives and much more than words can describe. I feel the cosmic joy of inner peace. Joy in the knowlege that my search is over. Now I must practice!

Your humble student,
Neil J.H. Burden
May 30th, 2000
Gabriola Island B.C. Canada

Neil Burden

Neil Burden (right) and Wong Chun Nga engaged in a sparring practice


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