Dr Riccardo Salvetore

Dr Riccardo Salvetore, famous acupuncturist of Lisboa and Chief Instructor of Shaolin Wahnam Portugal

When I first met Sifu Wong Kiew Kit in 1994, I was interested in Chi Kung not only for my self-knowledge but also as an acupuncturist for a long time.

That reason gave me the opportunity to have contact with several “masters” and attend different types of Chi Kung courses. I learned exercises which were often mechanical or complex; some were very intellectualized and they needed a long time to practice but with poor result.

It was remarkable in my first contact with Sifu Wong Kiew Kit in his teaching of Shaolin Wahnam Chi Kung, with simplicity of practice, efficacy and fastest results.

I had results in a very clear and concrete form and it was evident for me that I was in the presence of a genuine Master and that Chi Kung was a real treasure very important for anyone, especially for people related with health.

So I decided to invite Sifu Wong Kiew Kit to give a seminar for my acupuncture pupils and some of my patients to share that treasure.

Since then, more than 10 years now, I have organized several seminaries and many hundreds of people in Portugal have taken part in courses of Shaolin Wahnam Chi Kung conducted by Sifu Wong Kiew Kit, and they have fantastic results with a lot of benefits.

Sifu Wong and Dr Riccardo Salvetore

Sifu Wong and Dr Riccardo Salvetore in Portugal

Frequently we look for remarkable facts to empathize our beliefs and what we want to affirm.

After all these years experiencing Shaolin Wahnam Chi Kung, my difficulty is to say which are the best results, because they are so many and so different, like hypertension or hypotension, depression, phobias, chronic joint or spine problems, menstrual pain, insomnia, asthenia, lack of sexual activity, weight excess or lack, digestive problems and so on, or even some situations considered irreversible or incurable.

Often, when I encourage my patients to start practicing Chi Kung I tell them that even the most correct treatment is always external information to the body and it has to transform that information to his needs with some adjustment effort. Shaolin Wahnam Chi Kung warrants best tuning for that need helping to integrate that information in a more effective way.

Nevertheless, a regular daily practice enhances harmonious circulation of energy settling imbalances difficult to reach in other ways, restoring or maintaining health and developing our best capacities at all levels of our being.

Better physical resistance, clear mind, availability for day by day life, inner peace, capacity to realize any kind of task in a better way in professional, physical relationship or emotional aspect, is common for all who maintain a regular practice.

It is also common to have spiritual expansion and experience transcendent or enlightening moments during the practice, bringing a new meaning and sense of life.

Beyond the correction of health problems, living our human dimension in his plenitude at his highest level is a reality for the majority of those people.

Dr Riccardo Salvetore
30th June 2006


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