Richard Broadhead
English Teacher, Japan

It is not just the benefits of the chi kung that I enjoy, but actually practcsing is something I look forward to everyday.

-- Richard Broadhead


Three months ago in Malaysia you told me that I would be very happy in three months' time. Now three months have passed, and I am writing to thank you, telling you of my experiences and to say that I am more than just happy.

I enjoyed the Intensive Chi Kung Course immensely. Not just the training but my whole time in Malaysia on the tour, meeting and talking with Linda and your senior students and also talking with Saravan who was a wealth of information about the country and the culture. It was also wonderful to meet you in person.

Since returning to Japan, it goes without saying that I have practised everyday.

The benefit has been fantastic. I have experienced an increase in energy level. I no longer feel lethargy during the day and hence work has become a lot easier and less stressful.

It is not just the benefits of the chi kung that I enjoy, but actually practising is something I look forward to everyday. One of the things I particularly enjoy is a tingling sensation at the top of my head which often occurs during practice and sometimes during other times of day.

Also since the course I have started playing soccer again and also found and started a class of Chen Style Taijiquan which is excellent. When I first played soccer I was surprised by my energy level. After 2 hours I didn`t feel tired.

Whilst playing soccer I damaged my foot and ankle and after playing could hardly walk. That night during my chi kung practise I directed chi to my foot. By the next day I had no problems walking and the pain was almost gone. I had expected it to take 2-4 weeks to get better and it took less than one day and the bruising was minimal. I was extremely surprised.

I would like to express my gratitude for the course and for all your teaching. When I think back to being in Malaysia one thing in particular often brings a smile to my face and that is your story of the great master who when asked for the secret of his art wrote "practice" on his disciple's hand.

Once again eternal thanks for the course. I hope to return to another course within the next two years.

Best regards and thanks
Richard Broadhead
Sunday, October 28, 2001.

Richard enjoying Standing Meditation during a chi kung training


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