Pere Sabata
Marketing Executive, Spain

This is a personal letter from Pere Sabata, a Shaolin Wahnam chi kung instructor in Spain, to Sifu Wong. It is posted here in full with the sender's permission as it may be helpful to other people.

Dear Sifu,

I decided to write this e-mail for different reasons, but the most important is to share with you my happiness about the results of my Shaolin Wahnam Chi Kung teaching.

A student (Manel, male, 33 years old), was allergic, and had difficulty for breathing. His office is on the 4th floor and he could not go up the stairs, he had to take the lift. Everyday he took Ventolin, which is a medicine for asthma. After 1 month doing chi kung every day, his breathing was better and he only took the medicine 1 or 2 times a week.

Then he went to your Tai Chi Chuan course. He continues his chi kung practice and now he takes no medicine, his breathing is good, he walks up the stairs to the 4th floor, and he is very happy.

He will come to the summer course in Camponuevo. He asked me about his daughter. She is 7.5 years old, and she does not want to eat. She does not have hunger and she is often ill. I answered that he should ask you in Camponuevo. All the family will come.

Another student (Gemma, female, 35 years old), had stress and she could not sleep. She takes tablets for sleeping often. After 1.5 months, she sleeps well, she does not need to take tablets and she says she dreams like she was 20.

The other students told me that they were more happy and enjoyed chi kung. One student (Imma, female) has decided to assist in the summer courses in Camponuevo.

One student of my first course (Jordi, male), who went to the intensive chi kung course in April in Barcelona and he went too to the intensive Tai Chi Chuan course in June in Barcelona, asked me if he could teach "Lifting the Sky" to his mother because she was very nervous.

She takes a tablet in the morning for nervousness and a tablet at night for sleeping. She cannot come to my class. I said that I would go to their house to teach her, with one condition that if after some weeks she is well, she should tell other people about the chi kung benefits. Their house is 15 km from my house.

Pere Sabata

I taught the exercise without mentioning breathing, only the form, because she was worried doing all, the form and the breathing. So I decided she did not have to do the breathing, only enjoy the form. Another day I am going to teach her the breathing.

One week later, she told me that she did not take the tablets and she slept well. It is fantastic, she could not believe it! She is very happy. This is the 3rd week after I have taught her. She does chi kung every day.

I want to comment on what happened this Friday (14.July 2000). I went to taker my son from my parents' house. (It is 25 km far from my house). He is spent a few days with my parents, my sister, her husband and their daughter. They have health problems.

My mother has rheumatism, cholesterol, and problems with her eyes. My father has rheumatism and my sister is always very nervous. They did not want to listen to me about the chi kung benefits, they said that they would can not spend a quarter hour a day doing chi kung. But this Friday they asked me about my chi kung teaching. I explained my students' benefits and they said that they would want to do it. I could not believe it!

I was very happy and I scheduled with them for Sunday to teach them, with one condition -- they have to come to your intensive course in October in Barcelona. This Sunday (16 July 2000), I taught "Lifting the Sky" to my mother, my father and my sister. For my parents I did not teach the breathing because they were worried to do both form and breathing. But I will teach when I see that they can, but my sister could do all. They enjoy it.

When I said to them, "Smile from your heart," my heart glowed with happiness because they wanted to learn and I could help them. It was wonderful. When I said "good bye", my mother kissed me like I kiss my son. I love them and they were very happy.

This Monday, (17.July.2000), I went to visit a customer. I talked with the owner of a cake factory. We have a good friendship. I saw that he had acupuncture needles in his ears. I explained about chi kung and its benefits. He was very interested because he has anxiety problems.

He cannot come to my classes because he travels a lot. He said that if I could teach him, he would pay me what I wanted. I was surprised. I said yes, but as I am a trainee-instructor, he has to come to your class in October. I wish to teach him "Lifting the Sky". If he comes to your course in Barcelona I shall teach him free. What do you think, Sifu?

Another reason that I write is about my wife. Our relationship is better than before. She has accepted that I do chi kung 2 times a day. She still has her health problems but she does not want to do chi kung. I do not force her. I follow your advice, "let the energy do". She is going to be interested in chi kung little by little.

This summer we are going to Segovia and she is happy because while I am doing the chi kung courses, she will remain in Segovia with one of her friends and she has planned to go shopping. She loves that and I am happy too that she is happy.

I want to comment too that this last week I had a stomach ache. The pain at first was little, but every day more and more. When I was 22 years old, I started to work and I was very nervous. After 4 or 5 months having stomach ache I went to a doctor and he said that I had a stomach ulcer. I overcame it with homeopathic medicine.

Now I have the same feeling, but the conditions are very different. I thought about it. I did chi kung every day, two times, morning and night, every day abdominal breathing two times, and 3 times a week I add the dynamic patterns and 1 time a week I do the self-manifested chi flow. I did the same procedure after 3 months and I felt very well.

So may be I need more cleansing old blockages. I have decided to change. Every day even after the stomach ache has gone away, I am going to do the following: dynamic patterns -- 1 fixed,"Plucking Stars", and the others changing -- enjoying the chi flow, and 3 times per week, self manifested chi movement. I started the last Tuesday. I did "Carrying the Moon" for the stomach ache to go away, and it helps. Now I feel better.

The pain in the stomach is like a pressure at the ribs under the lungs, and also at the back at about the same height. I feel a pressure too in the throat and in the ears. It seems that I have a bubble of air in the stomach, and when I do chi kung it moves and the air goes away across the mouth and the anus but after one hour the pressure comes back. I thought too whether I had done anything wrong in my practice. So, I have not done abdominal breathing even I usually feel good. doing it. Do you thing I am right?

Before June I did not have access to the internet. This is another reason that I send this e-mail. The company where I work gave me a portable personal computer and now I can enter the internet. So I could visit your website, and I find it very interesting. I follow the section on questions and answers, and I like it very much.

I do not want to forget before ending to say thank you a lot for all. Really, thanks.

Pere Sabata
20th July 2000.


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