Neil John Burden, Canada

Neil Burden

Neil from Canada and Anthony from the United States practicing sparring during an Intensive Taijiquan Course in Malaysia in February 2002. Sifu Wong is seen in the background supervising the training.

Dear Sifu,

While training under your instruction in Malaysia, I attained “no result”. Like an uncarved block of wood. For while practicing “I“ ceased to exist. I must thank you for this gift of cosmic awareness. I am now able to practice daily, injury free, and I hope to one day help you to spread this wonderful, “perfect diamond”. As I mentioned to you personally “you have brought purpose to my life, and life to my purpose!”

I would like to address this statement to all people interested in the truth of Shaolin Kungfu and Zen.

Please do not waste Sifu's time with mere questions, but take the course and experience first hand, as I and many others have, Sifu's genuine generosity to teach the true, ancient art of Shaolin and Zen. Sifu is one of the greatest (if not “the” greatest, although I am a bit biased) martial artists of our time.

I have been training in the martial arts for almost seventeen years. In Judo, Karate, Kenpo, Wing Chun, Hung Gar, Tai Chi Chuan and many others, several of which I have attained “high leve”. With no disrespect intended to any of my former teachers, Sifu is the perfect shinning example of what is the expected result of proper training in the great arts like Shaolin and Tai Chi Chuan. Nothing else that I have personally experienced even comes close.

Look at his ability to take on all questions positively and constructively. Although taking into account that many of these questions when addressed to a Shaolin Grandmaster are actually quite rude (although most are not intended this way), he deals with each of them equally and completely.

Many of the questions he answers are quite valid when looked at with a dualistic approach. Sifu not only answers these questions to the best of his ability, but also attempts to enlighten the authors with a glimpse of Zen teachings. I enjoy reading his many answers to the valid questions people have out there. I would suggest however that people review “respecting the master” section of Sifu's web site before sending him a question, to avoid embarrassment, and to show your deep respect to the martial arts in general.

I would like you at the very least to take this as a personal testimony from a humble martial artist, that in my personal experience, Sifu's teachings are not only a worth while investment no matter what your background, but truly when utilized are worth more than all the gold and jade in the world.

Neil John Burden,
Gabriola Island, B.C., Canada,
April 28, 2002
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Neil Burden

From left: Toby from U.S.A,, Angel from Spain, and Neil from Canada enjoying dinner in Malaysia.


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