Miguel Camps
Barcelona, Spain


Miguel smiling from the heart during a chi flow in Malaysia

The conventional doctors do not understand it, as from their point of view, this is impossible.

-- Miguel Camps

Dear Sifu,

Following your instructions and with the wish that my experience will be useful for anyone who reads it, I am going to explain the fantastic experience that I had during the year 2004.

At the beginning of May 2004, I had a very painful herpes zoster.

In the middle of the same month, and suggested by my daughter, Marta (who makes Kung Fu), I began to make Chi Kung with Sifu Daniel in Barcelona.

At the end of June, as a result of a medical checkup and through a magnetic resonance, I was diagnosed as having a tumor at the pancreas' cue. This diagnose was grave, and the opinion of the doctors was to have an immediate operation and to extirpate part of the pancreas (30-50%) and of the spleen.

My position was contrary to this solution, and with two doctor-friends of mine (Joan and Santi), we decided to:

The “classic” doctors told me literally that I was crazy.

In August, and suggested by Sifu Daniel, I travelled to Soria (center of Spain) to have an intensive course of Chi Kung with Sifu Wong. There I had also the opportunity to meet Sifu Laura.

After some conversations, Sifu Wong advised me to practice Chi Kung twice a day, basically “Carrying the Moon”, and he told me that everything would be solved in a period of 6-9 months. He also suggested that I took an advanced Intensive Course of Chi Kung in Malaysia in December.

At the end of September, a new magnetic resonance indicated:

At the beginning of December I travelled to Malaysia to make the course with Sifu Wong. The course was really fantastic and Sifu told me that he saw me very good, and that I should practice the exercises that satisfied me the most.

On December 15th the doctors requested a new resonance to follow the matter and the result was: NORMAL PANCREAS.

The conventional doctors do not understand it, as from their point of view, this is impossible.


Miguel practicing "Carrying the Moon" at the November/December Intensive Chi Kung Course in Malaysia

My doctors (the friends of mine) see it as natural as the treatment carried out was the correct one: to treat body, mind and spirit simultaneously.

For Sifu Wong and Sifu Daniel, the result is the one foreseen after practicing Chi Kung correctly for a period of 7 months.

For me, it is marvelous because during this period of time I have found a new and different world, and furthermore the sense of my life has changed totally.

I would like to thank my family and friends for their total support during this process, but my special thanks are basically for Sifu Wong and Sifu Daniel who have been my Sifus and my guide for the discovery and practice of Chi Kung.

In my medical history, it is absolutely documented (with magnetic resonances) the absorption of a tumor in the pancreas without following any of the occidental medical therapies, and treating it only by diet and Chi Kung.

I hope that these events will encourage and help people with serious health problems to solve them with good practice of Chi Kung, “smiling from your heart”, of course, and not only in the practice but also in all aspects of their lives.

Thanks to everyone and good luck!


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