Michael Simon

Michael Simon practicing the Three-Circle Stance at the Intensive Taijiquan Course in Malaysia in July 2003.

“Before coming to see you in Malaysia, I was always tired after my practice. Now I always come away feeling more energetic than before the session!”

Michael Simon

Dear Sifu,

I attended your Tai Chi Chuan Intensive Course this July, and I would like to thank you for the wonderful gift you have given me.

I have been practicing Tai Chi Chuan in New York for some time, but what I learned at home in two years does not compare to what you have taught me in one week. For example, when practicing stance training as you have taught me, I now feel energy naturally moving down into my dan tian.

Most of all, Sifu, I would like to thank you for giving me the gift of relaxation. In the past it was always difficult for me to relax and focus, but now it is so simple. Whenever I want to relax, I just do spontaneous qi flow, and then I am relaxed! Not only do I feel physically well all the time, but now that I have been practicing for a while I also feel happier, just as you predicted I would.

After I have finished a practice session, even if I worked hard during the session itself, after doing spontaneous qi flow there is no soreness left in my body. This is an incredible improvement for me. Before coming to see you in Malaysia, I was always tired after my practice. Now I always come away feeling more energetic than before the session!

Sifu, I believe that I was very privileged to be able to train with you, and also to have John Crispin as my partner. We were both very lucky to have such intensive teaching from you.

I would like to ask you a few questions, Sifu. When I have completed a practice session and I put on my glasses, I feel some tension around my neck and head. When I remove my glasses, though, the tension disappears. I am curious why this happens. If I do not put on my glasses immediately after practicing, I do not experience this tension.

Also, while practicing the Three-Circle Stance, I have seen what looks like steam or water vapor rising inside the circle of my arms. Do you know why this might be happening?

I hope that you do come to the US to teach in the near future. I would love to attend some of your classes in my country. Otherwise, I cannot wait until my next trip to Malaysia!

Again, thank you so much.

Michael Simon
United States.

Michael Simon

Michael Simon and John Crispin from Canada practicing Taijiquan Pushing Hands

Sifu Wong's Answers

The questions you asked indicate your progress.

Your practice has improved your eyesight so that you do not need glasses. When you put the glasses on, they distract your normal vision, thus you feel tension. If I remember correctly, I told you that soon you would not need to wear glasses. This happens sooner than expected. Congratulations.

The stream or water vapor rising from inside your arms is a manifestation of intrinsic energy you have developed in your stance training. As you are at a chi kung state of mind, which represents a heightened level of consciousness, you could perceive the stream-like or water vapor-like energy. That also explains why you feel your arms heavier.

A while later you will feel your arms back to normal. What has happened to the energy that you have developed? Has it been drained away? No, it has been put to its best use. It has flowed into your body to strengthen your internal organs and enhance your performance. That is why you are more energetic after a training session.


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