Maite Herrera

Maite Herrera enjoying her chi flow

It is wonderful the way you make us “smile from our heart” and “enjoy our breathing”

-- Maite Herrera

Dear Linda,

(Editorial Note: Linda is Sifu Wong's secretary.)

I am Maite Herrera from San Sebastian (Spain). I had the intensive Chi Kung course in Malaysia on the 30, 31 March and 1 April 2002 and I am sending you some comments and experiences.

I think that I am very lucky to have met Sifu Wong and have learnt some Shaolin Chi Kung transmitted “from heart to heart” from him.

Sifu, thank you very much for this treasure you give us. It is wonderful the way you make us “smile from our heart” and “enjoy our breathing”. It is all so wonderful -- your smile, your energy, your teaching and your freedom. We are very lucky to have met a living example of what chi kung can do.

Since I practise Shaolin Chi Kung I am more happy, with a lot of joy. People around me notice this as well. I enjoy more whatever I do and specially I enjoy very much the daily practise of chi kung. Also I had before a skin problem that now is nearly cured.

The course in Malaysia was deeper. I had practised the same forms with you before but the experiences were different. I was very surprised about how real was the visualitation. Before I used to think that it was difficult to visualise. If I ever tried it was not very real but in the intensive course in Malaysia I could not believe it. It was so easy and natural and yet so effective. Also I enjoyed very much directing the chi and found it fantastic.

After returning from Malaysia I have had some special experiences. Sometimes it happens during the day. At any time suddenly I see something very clear and in a completely different way that I see it normally. It is about things I am not worried about at all. I just don't think of them.

Suddenly, I see it from a completely different perspective and I find it important and correct. I am very surprised and happy with this experience. It is nothing to do with my normal thinking.

I also attend your Taijiquan classes. I hope that in the future I can take the Taijiquan course with you in Spain and/or in Malaysia.

One day, after the practice, we did seating meditation and I experienced a very internal, deep and intensed chi flowing. I felt a lot of energy. My abdomen was very alive going in and out on its own with the breathing and my mind very awake. It was very pleasant. Sometimes something happens similar to this, but less intensed when I practise seating meditation at home. Normally I do it after Chi Kung or Taijiquan practise.

Thank you for all again.

Best regards to you and to Linda.
22nd May 2002.


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