Grandmaster Leslie James Reed
Director of International Taijiquan and Shaolin Wushu Association

Wong Sifu teaches from the heart -- he inspires by example -- he is the living expression of the power of Qigong

-- Grandmaster Leslie James Reed

Leslie with senior students

Master Leslie James Reed (center standing) with Cape Town senior students

My name is Leslie James Reed.

I am a director of the International Taijiquan & Shaolin Wushu Association; an organisation committed to offering traditional and authentic Chinese martial and health arts within our various communities around the world. Our association is represented in Britain, Scotland, Ireland, the United States of America, South Africa, Spain, Hungary and Hong Kong.

In South Africa I represent a total of 17 schools throughout the country.

I first heard of Wong Sifu from a student who described the various books he had read by Wong Sifu in such glowing terms that I felt I had to investigate further.

I visited Wong Sifu's website and therein found the writings of a man who expressed so completely what I had always believed to be the true spirit and philosophy of Chinese martial and health arts.

I immediately contacted Wong Sifu and asked to be accepted on an Intensive Qigong course -- I will be forever grateful that he consented to teach me.

Leslie with Lillibet Gillespie

Master Leslie James Reed (left) with USA representative Lillibet Gillespie

When I arrived in Malaysia in April this year Wong Sifu was there to meet me at the airport -- that act of kindness and goodwill set the tone for the rest of my stay in Malaysia.

I can honestly say that my study periods were times of extreme personal growth.

Wong Sifu is a true master (a rarity in the martial arts community of today) -- he has an excellent command of the English language and offers clear and logical reasoning behind the philosophies which form the foundations of Qigong.

But Wong Sifu teaches from the heart -- he inspires by example -- he is the living expression of the power of Qigong.

Wong Sifu's words help to maintain the structure of my daily Qigong sessions now that I am back home in South Africa -- but it is the experience of the power of his Qi which inspires me daily to keep on training.

What Wong Sifu expresses, I want -- and there is no finer teacher than example.

It is thanks to Wong Sifu's comprehensive and practical teaching skills that I will one day achieve the experience and expression of Qi which is so apparent in every gesture of this true master.

I was honoured to meet some of Wong Sifu's senior students in Malaysia and here again, I was able to witness Qi being manifested in a practical and clear way.

Leslie with Shi Yur Sur

Master Leslie James Reed (left) with the Venerable Shi Yur Sur at the Shaolin Temple in China

Wong Sifu also helped me to improve my Taijiquan and Kung Fu training -- I hope to continue this process with him in the future.

I have already received a wonderful gift -- thanks to my training time spent with Wong Sifu. For over three decades I have suffered from sleep apnoea, a form of sleep disturbance which caused me great anxiety before retiring each night. This has completely disappeared (since after my first lesson with Wong Sifu in fact) and I now wake up refreshed and energised each morning.

In October this year I and a group of my students will be visiting Wong Sifu in Malaysia for a group Qigong course -- I hope to make this an annual event as I believe that Qigong is worthy of promotion as a health and lifestyle process beyond compare and that Wong Sifu is one of very few people in this world worthy of the title 'Qigong Master'.

Sifu, I want to take this opportunity of publicly thanking you for giving me the truly wonderful gift of true Qigong.

With gratitude and great respect

Leslie James Reed
22 May 1999
E-mail: itswasa@mweb.co.za


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