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Jeffrey Synder

Jeffrey Synder

I have trained with many masters and I am thankful for their teachings and kindness. But, Master Wong's Chi Kung is the best way for me.
Jeffrey Synder

After reading Jeffrey Synder's comments, Powerful Chi Kung in Simple Forms a well-intentioned reader asled Jeffrey for some clarification to which Jeffrey replied as follows.


I feel my email to Master Wong has been misunderstood. It was not my intention of putting down another master. I have trained with 4 very high level masters. I have only the highest respect for my masters.

There is a difference in teaching. Master Wong's course focuses on personal health. Qigong as taught by my other masters is very powerful and focuses I believe on developing healing powers. Master Wong's Chi Kung focuses at the initial stage on healing ourselves.

You see all are advanced teachers who can transmit skills. The end results are the same. The path to get there is different. My statement that Master Wong's chi kung is the best in the world is my opinion.

Basically, 15 minutes a day is all you need to practice. Other styles require 2-3 hours minimum a day. Prefered practice of 4-6 hours. I personally do not have the time to practice that much. I practice 15 minutes a day and have started to develop my third eye and numerous glimpses into enlightenment. I can obtain these skills in say 3 months practicing 4-6 hours a day. But, I prefer to obtain them in a year or two practicing 15 minutes a day.

Another interesting aspect is that Master Wong has taught me three patterns. I currently know 30 + patterns. Three patterns can take me to the highest level. I can master three patterns. It would take me too long to Master 30+ patterns, if ever.

I have found my path. I have trained with many masters and I am thankful for their teachings and kindness. But, Master Wong's Chi Kung is the best way for me.

Jeff Snyder

The reader further asked:

Hello Jeff.

Thank you for your response. I did not interpret your e-mail to Sifu Wong as one that put down other masters. The tone of my message was a little formal as I had my words misconstrued.

I would like to have clarification on the following: "But, I can honestly say that when I returned home I was charged with energy but nothing like I was when I returned from your course in Malaysia."

In what way did you feel different? Was it a matter of volume? Did the energy have a different characteristic?

I thank you again for your time, and I regret any confusion I created.

Keffrey Synder replied as follows


I will try and explain. Finding the right words to explain energy is difficult.

The energy was different. When I returned from Malaysia I was charged like an atomic bomb. Beaming energy. Light bodied. Smiling uncontrollably from the energy.

People see it as well. My family and co-workers would constantly ask what I was smiling at. They remarked I looked 10 years younger as well. I would have self manifested chi movements regularly. Just watching TV or sitting on a chair.

The energy was so powerful it made me smile. I felt like pure heaven energy. Bliss.

As with other qigong. I could feel it. But, seemed soft not charged. More thin, not thick. More "earthy", not heavenly (blissful). I was also surprised how the energy left in a day.

Sifu's energy was not gone in days or weeks. Sifu's energy was easily directed by the mind. Inside it was like water in a barrel. Swirl it around and move the body. In Malaysia it was so strong it brought up suppressed emotions deep inside. Forcing them out my mouth. Didn't even know they were there. Other forms just never had the power.

I hope this helps you. If you have any more questions please ask. I will try my best to answer them.

May 05, 2002


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