Jean Lie, Toronto, Canada

As long as we actually practice Chi Kung and not simply physical exercises or, worse, do not practice regularly, then we have his assurance that we are capable. This seems so simple but it is one of the greatest gifts he gives to us. -- Jean Lie.


Jean and her loving husband, Dr Lie Kay Ie

January 1, 1999

Dear Sifu,

I was brousing through comments by some of your students and I was wondering if I could add some of my experiences and thoughts to theirs?

First I would like to thank you for all that you have done and are doing for me through your teachings. It started out that I asked for your help to overcome pain from endometriosis and it has developed into a marvelous journey.

One of the most important aspects of the teaching of Sifu Wong Kiew Kit is that he tells us we are capable of doing things. He does not promise us false results but rather gives us the tools, namely the moves or forms, and then allows us to take over the responsibility of caring for ourselves.

Jean and Sifu Wong at the famous Niagara Falls

As long as we actually practice Chi Kung and not simply physical exercises or, worse, do not practice regularly, then we have his assurance that we are capable. This seems so simple but it is one of the greatest gifts he gives to us. The other aspect that we are given is "simple" moves and the initiation to Chi Kung. It seems too good to be true but if we listen to him and practice twice daily then we will receive results.

His comments become deeper and easier to understand as we progress in our Chi Kung. The perfect dichotomy, as is Chi Kung. Who cannot find twenty minutes each morning and evening to practice? If we truly wish to overcome a disease and later achieve good health then we certainly can make whatever adjustments are necessary to our schedule to receive the outcome we wish.

My first hope was to overcome chronic pain. I had no other aspirations at the time and I felt that this was a major project. I even made a plan. I decided that since it was noted in Sifu Wong's book, The Art of Chi Kung , that every seven months our cellular structure has completely changed then it was reasonable to expect drastic changes in my level of chronic pain in a time period of seven months.

In the beginning I practiced three times a day without exception - before 9 am, between 3-5 pm, and after 9 pm. Sifu told me that if I had been given the correct teachings, was taught correctly and I did my part then I would see results in 6-7 months. I followed his advice and became almost pain free within 5 months and was completely pain free within 7 months. There were times when my pain was worse than prior to beginning Chi Kuiig and I was quite distressed and concerned but by following through with the plan that Sifu gave me I no longer have pain.

Now comes the bonus. I had accomplished my goal but by that time I was also completely enthralled with Chi Kung. I had been bothered by many allergies but they were now gone. I had a phobia to birds since I was a child and that too had disappeared. Instead of being afraid of birds, now I love to hear the caw of a raven and actually derive an amazing feeling of peace and calm when I hear its caw.

I find I am happy all the time, more tolerant and more patient. I had not asked for or expected any of these occurances and yet I should have because one only has to look at Sifu to know what Chi Kung can give to an individual if one practices daily.

He keeps telling us the "serret". The secret is to practice, practice, practice.

I have been pleasantly surprised to find that I have been able to enjoy some of the spiritual aspect of Chi Kung, Sometimes when I am in my Chi Kung practice, I see a glorious being who holds me. I believe it is a woman. She has no features but she has a beautiful light within her and around her and she shares this joy and light with me.

Jean and Mrs Wong

Jean posing with Mrs Wong Kiew Kit at the wet market of Sungai Petani, Malaysia

I am now able to accept what I am seeing and bring it with me into my daily life. When I am concerned about anything in my daily activities, I only have to remember her and I feel a wonderful calm come over me. She guides me to be more open and to care more for others. One of the interesting features of Chi Kung is that the more we experience the more we want to give back and the more we give back the more we experience.

I recently had an opportunity to deliver chi to a friend who was ill. We don't know each other well but I had a very focused feeling that I must go to her to help her with her Chi Kung practice. I spoke to Sifu and asked for his help. He told me that he would "send a thought".

Well let me tell you that he is the master of understatement. I literally floated on his chi to see this friend. I could feel the chi fill me up and propel me to her and when I opened her door in the hospital she was able to see a light around me.

I would have had trouble believing this had someone told me, prior to my practicing Chi Kung, and so I understand if someone is sceptical of my recounting the events. I do hope though that each and every individual has the opportunity to experience this for themselves. There were no concerns on my part for I knew that the cosmos was looking after me, guiding and directing me to help. What a glorious journey.

I sincerely hope that my sharing these comments with you will in some way help some of your other students and wish each of them the depth of commitment that they need to practice, practice, practice.

Again thank you for all your help and caring,

As always,
Jean Lie.
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