Eddy Carr, England

Chi Kung

More than 70 people from all over the world attending a review course on Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung in November in Malaysia

The following discussion by Eddy Carr is reproduced from the thread Good Training in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum on 10th January 2005.

I have recently started both to train more consistently and to enjoy it more. I feel that I have had several sessions of a higher quality than I have had before. After only two weeks I am already starting to feel the benefits again.

Today I was able to concentrate on my work for longer than I have been for months (I think I got twice as much done as I would normally in the same time). This afternoon I was sitting on the train staring into space when I suddenly found myself smiling. I realized that I had half been concentrating on my dan tian. I stopped and the feeling passed.

I then put my mind there. Nothing happened for a moment but then I felt and incredible upsurging of well being so that I had to laugh even though I was on a train full of people. It felt great.

I was on the train to go to play fives (a game like squash but played with your hand rather than a racquet). When I started playing I found that my reactions were noticeably faster so that I could return shots that I would never have been able to get only a few days ago. Fantastic!

I realize that these are not amazing and are not even the most impressive things that I have experienced but what impresses me is the speed with which they have happened. It only took two weeks of quality training! Great! Sifu says you need three months before you feel the full benefits. It can only get better!


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